The sound of the NYSE opening

The Bell – звонок — одна из наиболее узнаваемых особенностей NYSE. Каждый день на открытии биржи звучит Opening Bell, а на закрытии — Closing Bell. Calls were entered in 1870 year together with the launch of continuous trading. Originally a Chinese gong was used, however in 1903 a year after the exchange moved to a new building, a copper bell was used. There is one large bell for each of the four shopping areas. Bells sound synchronously and are controlled under one control. Company G. S. Edwards made bells for the stock exchange 18 inches. В поздние 80-е NYSE решила отреставрировать существующие колокола и сделать еще один запасной. However, it turned out, that similar bells nor G. S. Edwards, no other companies produce. As a result, the G. S. Edwards решило пойти на встречу бирже и выполнить заказ, for which she attracted to its implementation, including some of the employees who left the company.