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Hello ! Haven't updated my blog for a long time because. I had a rest almost all summer, but now we return to trading with renewed vigor. I plan to make small adjustments in the number of days of market observation. Will go soon already 9 a year of my trading in US stocks and a little tired of sitting 5 and more days per PC. I will leave only Wednesday for trading, thursday and friday. And so briefly about the plans: Recover from vacation Trade 3 maximum days Training Start playing poker professionally, found friends who actively earn money Start traveling the world, after NG Blog more actively, how to do it before Spend more time with newcomers More time with your family Get your license Consider starting a business

10 life rules, to keep in mind in times of trouble

We all go through hard times. This is life, and there's nothing you can do about it. Some people's lives are harder, than others, but we all feel pain sometimes, loss and misfortune. But, что бы ни случилось, do not forget about some things. A family, friends, the senses, responsibilities - it all stays with you, что бы ни произошло. We decided to expand this list, and so 10 правил, which you should always remember.

Personal Relationships and Adequate Trading

Одно из самых важных в торговле это психология и нельзя эмоциям давать ходу, must be suppressed. Я не могу сказать, that my results have worsened due to difficulties in my personal life, but it affects my trading a lot. You stop thinking adequately and start making stupid mistakes.. You can't think about something else while trading and let the emotions from life influence it., but I'm still human. This is the only thing that affects me, otherwise calm as a tank. Leaving trading for a while would be the right decision, BUT you can't give in to them and you have to move on. Results should improve from month to month. I would gladly give up everything and go somewhere far away to rest. P.S. Now the month is at zero, как бы не торговать)

Life goes on…

I wanted to write a long post about what happened, but why write about your relationship, do not put them on public ... In short, then finally broke up with the girl he loved 2 of the year, yes, I still love, it so happened and nothing is formed, at least in this life. According to the idea, I should not trade until I calm down, when you care about something, it reflects very badly on trading. I hope my results will only get better, shit happens, главное не потерять головы… ВСЕ, WHAT DO YOU HAVE, COULD VAPOR IN ONE MOMENT… Update : 3 did a pic, as soon as it ended, the trading terminal flew out and nothing was saved, and this is only then, when I finished it. Maybe this is a sign not to trade? :evil:

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