Notes on 14 October

I remade the statistics log for myself. I begin to strictly monitor and analyze each of my deals. I will try to describe my interesting deals. For two weeks I will hone only the trend continuation models. Increasing the volume of positions. . To be continued, do not switch ;)

How many pros got divorced

I remember when I just started my trade, I really did not have enough information , because there were no bloggers in Russian about NYSE and I started a blog. At first glance, the situation has improved over the past couple of years., there is someone to read and even watch seminars, but these are units, the rest is rubbish. Some even try to write videos with deals and describe them., забавно смотреть как они прячут размер позиции т.к. trade a small volume not exceeding 1000 Shares. Could show :) Большинство кто начинал почему то через год считать себя профессионалами и пытаются продавать свои курсы, But what can he teach a person if he does not fully understand how to trade and only knows the basics?. There are, of course, a couple of people from whom you can learn, they have been in this business for many years and teach not for money, а потому что им нравится передавать свои знания. The rates of a profitable trader cannot cost 100-1000$, если это не ваш друг

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Notes on 19 november

Strict discipline pays off: Deals are smarter and more selective. Number decreased, but there was quality performance. Feet are smaller and less frequent. The main task now is to continue in the same spirit and the result will not be long in coming. I plan to increase the number of winning trades to 40-45%, Right away 30-35%. Increase risk / profit 1 to 5-8. P.S. In the coming days, we plan to reduce the cost of the trading platform and the fee for dedicated servers for those wishing to open an account on NYSE through us .

Notes 6 October

The main problem preventing trading – “Studies” eliminated and you can start improving it. Lately she wished for the best, it takes a week to recover to the previous level, maybe two. Reduce the position size to 500 shares Limit 150-200 dollars per day 4-6 trades maximum Stop no more 10 cents Only trends with good potential On Friday there will be a free seminar on the Internet with another good trader, details will be tomorrow. approximate time 13:00 in Moscow

Notes 23 September

I remember writing in November 2009 of the year : I have a choice now, continue to drain money and spit on everything or return to disciplined trading and stay in this business. /vremya-zhestkix-mer-chast-2 / I would not like to return to such times, so you need to work harder and better fulfill your ideas: I started thinking about money again, not about smart deals. (You can not earn by focusing on the desired amount ) Stop opening trades once and for all in the first hour The best trades were for the continuation of the trend, not to turn it around. (You can catch a reversal of the stock, but it is very difficult and becoming unprofitable lately )

Lack of concentration

You can write yourself more 100 rules and trade on them, achieving excellent results, but it is only necessary to violate one as the whole Trading Strategy collapses. You need to be constantly focused and focused when trading, avoiding small mistakes leading to sad results. I don't know how to deal with it yet., After all, I’m a man and my head can get sick, thinking about some problem or just getting tired, a series of mistakes starts to accumulate slowly, resulting in terrible cons.

Notes 14 September

If the stop is more than 10C, no need to get involved in the action (How to remember this) Do not stick to one idea in the stock if it shows, that you are wrong. You don't have to enter the same promotion many times More electoral deals, money is not paid for the volume Expectation is above all. Better 3 transactions for 50 Cents, than in 1 try hard to do 150 cents can't sit rollback anymore 50 Cents, it's easier to re-enter it later

Notes 13 august

99% The deals this month are complete nonsense, there are almost no literate and well-grounded. One of the Worst Months Just tired, I want to go on vacation as soon as possible and take a break from everything. For 4 years I had 4 will undermine the weekend and then in the new year, the rest is work. Weekend is of course good, but that's not it. From January 2008 missed the maximum 10 trading days. There is no desire to trade now, I just want to leave. Left before departure 3 of the day. In September, we will conquer new peaks of the stock exchange with renewed vigor and a fresh head., but for now that's all for me ***** =)))) Good luck to everyone =)

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