What do they think to themselves?

Just don't pay attention to my sell order for Cotton futures. Price walked minutes 20 within the boundaries of the execution of my order and calmly left. Good, certainly, what have not been fulfilled, but somehow strange — as if I don't exist, and there they play with themselves on the sly :)

Who did not have time to buy cotton?

Cotton tries to resume growth again. Only limit-ups save from the parabolic rally. It is seen, that there is only one eccentric who wants to sell — 1 little thing on 208,07, but they are going to buy 2801 piece, but no one is allowed to do this because of the daily price limit — just tomorrow :)

Elusive Cotton.

Stop limits are also not ideal for placing orders. — sometimes exceptionally lucrative deals are skipped. For example, cotton futures just got into the habit of jumping over my buy zones, though, stop limits were quite wide:

The trend is a friend!

Maybe, on cotton futures there will be a continuation of the banquet. Anyway you can try, about monday-tuesday-wednesday next week, by analogy with previous corrections.

Preview WLD6 “Lifetime” positions.

There is an interesting Visualization in WealthLab_6 called “Lifetime” positions. This is how it looks for tested systems. — first for Trend Tracking System, the second for the Medium Term System — both doughs for Cotton futures

Cotton Trades by Trend Tracking System (15 years):

Vertically — percentage profit, horizontally the number of bars in a trade, one schedule – one deal. You can see how at first the profit grows, and then gives the profit from the top. Ideally, it would be nice to close the deal at the very top, but this moment is impossible to guess. The current one is drawn in red., still open trade at the level, about, 36%. She has already reached the level, from where, two times in the 15-year history of cotton trading using this system, the tops of the trade were reached and profits of the order of 9%. That's why, подумываю, and shouldn't I close Cotton in advance, without waiting for it to go down and carry off the crawling stop. Although, On the other hand, by time (number of bars in a trade) it's still too early — it is quite possible that this will be a record trade and if it is closed early, then you may not receive what you deserve :)

That just, Confirms Cotton's Medium Term System Trade — it is clear that all the records of the system have been broken for a long time and the profit is almost 40%.

Medium Term Cotton Trades (15 years):

I'm thinking of fixing, yet, half position :)

Fifth waves

Cotton and Sugar futures were bought again on the medium-term system


Supplemented in 18:35:

And here is the trend-following system, too, Sugar bought, just a little higher. Systems gone crazy……


Everybody talks about the rise of the Sahara, but somehow no one notices Cotton's even more reactive growth:

Ги4П — head and four shoulders.

This is the situation on the cotton futures chart — as many as four shoulders and one head. According to classical teaching, in order to determine the target at the breakout of the neck, it is necessary to postpone the distance from the top of the head to the breakdown point — approximate target is shown on the graph:

But it is confusing to have only one head compared to four shoulders. — as they say, one head is good, but four would be better. It's a sign. Judging by this sign from above, it is unlikely that anything worthwhile will come of this venture — one head on four shoulders never brought anything good. That's why, I really see something like this ugly development:

Returning to the replica SW.worldcool.

Returning to the recent discussion of opening a trend following position in cotton futures.

Dear worldcool wrote:

I don’t know how things were going there in the future, but IMHO long is a little strange. But I also don’t exclude that you made money on it))

I will assume that the price has crept to 76, there I drowned and little by little crawled down. It would not have been better to short up?it is clear that no one knows the future, but how did your malech's trend tracking so to speak are late when almost all of the engine is already drawn.))

the system says the type can be bought. well, okay, I'll stupidly continue visually to the engine upstairs and now I'll wait for the end of the tops and there will be a shortcut. I personally don't see any sense to long when 3/4 the movements have already passed and exactly the opposite movement is about to begin))

Time, as they say, judge — price crawled up to 76, and up to 77, and up to 78 do not stop. This is not what I am always right (I am wrong about 60% cases), and besides that you, worldcool , sometimes you can be wrong too. But not that, what was wrong in this case, but the fact that if you play on the system, then you must follow it without hesitation and attempts to `` improve" ее.

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