The sad story of LTCM or why risk management is not like hard science?

  IN 1996 And 1997 years hedge fund, operated by Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) has had an outstanding record of success and has earned an unrivaled track record in financial risk management. However, in August 1998 years, Russia's default on its debts began a chain of unheard-of market movements, which became terrible for LTCM. Some people say, that the moral of this story is, that risk management in the fund was insufficient, although partners (participants) Foundations were experts in the field on Wall Street and had weight in academia.. In this article, the author offers a different interpretation of those events..

TOP 10 — The most successful traders 2018 — 2019 of the year. Wall Street rankings

It was mainly those traders who were able to make money in a difficult year for investors., who relied on Wall Street mathematical models to make decisions take over computer geeks. In a difficult year for investors, when ordinary hedge fund managers lost money, elite traders, who trade based on mathematical models (such trading is called quantitative), stood out against the general background. More than half of the most successful traders and hedge fund managers in 2018 made decisions, using computer algorithms.

Volcker's rule and its cancellation

Last week, the SEC joined regulators in a desire to revise the Volcker rule, what commercial banks have long dreamed of. On Tuesday, 5 June, US Securities and Exchange Commission ranked fifth of five agencies, following the Fed, By the Commission for the Regulation of the Activities of Commercial Banks, By the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Commission on Futures Trading, which agreed to a possible amendment to Volcker's rule from 2013 of the year, prohibiting commercial banks to carry out purchase and sale operations on deposits from the population and organizations to derive their own profit. The rule became part of the Dodd-Frank Act 2010 years and was introduced due to the rhetoric of the former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker that, that increased speculative activity of commercial banks in high-risk financial instruments was a key catalyst for the financial crisis 2008 of the year. In response to the SEC's possible consent to the revision, major news agencies, such as the New York Times and CNBC, called the changes "extensive", while the US Senator …

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Brainstorm. Why Hedge Funds Earn More Than Others

Главный миф о хедж-фондах гласит, that these are "black boxes" - closed and opaque, and none of the clients understands, where are their funds invested. How Hedge Funds Really Work and How They Provide High Returns? Первый хедж-фонд появился в 1949 year. At the time, his functions were limited to hedging a portfolio of stocks with short positions., отсюда пошло и название. Подобная тактика позволяла успешным фондам демонстрировать показатели, dozens of times outstripping the market. К настоящему времени индустрия сильно эволюционировала — значительно сильнее, than the finance industry in general. Все технологические инновации в сфере инвестиций зарождаются именно в хедж-фондах.

Computer-controlled hedge funds take the lead

Artificial intelligence demonstrates its power again: hedge funds, which use algorithms, become leaders in efficiency ratings, what, Nevertheless, makes mathematicians and programmers the main components of successful investment. Ranked in the top of the reputable annual ranking of the best hedge fund fund managers, compiled by LCH investments (invests in other hedge funds and is part of the Edmund de Rothschild Group), entered DE Shaw, Citadel и Two Sigma. All three companies use the so-called «systematic strategies» — a generally accepted term for decision-making strategies with minimal involvement of the human factor. Non-zero predictability of market fluctuations is quantified by statistical processing of large volumes of observations of the joint behavior of market instruments.

Straight Talk with an Algorithmic Trader

Предлагаю вашему вниманию перевод статьи «A Candid Discussion with an Algorithmic Trader» с сайта quantinsti.com).The role of the algorithm in human life is too essential, to ignore her. From the simple procedure of using the coffee machine to the music system in your car, from elevators to search engines, such, like Google - all this is controlled by a set of logical instructions - Algorithms, that allow us to meet our specific needs. With the advent of the Internet, the potential of algorithms has shown itself to be its true power.. Identifying trends, identifying preferences using social networks and targeting relevant groups to specialized services - all this has become possible with the help of modern sophisticated algorithms.

David Tepper — largest lucky investor

David Tepper is one of the largest American investors, founder of hedging company Appaloosa Management, which specializes in failing businesses, on investments in "junk" bonds and company shares, undervalued by the market. Today he is one of the richest Americans. Forbes magazine estimates the general condition of the investor in $10 billion. According to Forbes, he was ranked 258th among the richest people in the world. 2013 G. for Wall Street turned out to be difficult, despite the stock market boom. But for the stock "bull" David Tepper this year was very successful.. Managed by his hedge fund Appaloosa Management - $20 billion, and the fund's gross income last year was 40%. He took a risk to bet on American securities and made good money on airline stocks. IN 2013 G. David has invested heavily in airline stocks: American Airlines Group, Delta Air Lines и United Continental Holdings.Компания Appaloosa Management отметила двадцатилетие. Its average annual income since its inception was 28,44%. With this record, Tepper can be considered one of the best hedge fund directors in history..

The Cohen Foundation will pay the last $135 million in insider case

Billionaire Stephen Cohen's former hedge fund SAC Capital Advisors LP, converted now to Point72 Asset Management LP, закроет вопрос, insider trading controversy. In the near future, he will pay off the last affected investors., listing them $135 million, сообщает агентство Reuters. Claims against SAC for illegal transactions with Elan Corp. and other drug maker Wyeth, on which the company has earned $275 million. This is about actions on the part of the fund manager Matthew Martoma, who worked at SAC and made decisions based on the advice of a Michigan doctor.

IN 20 years hedge fund on 5 million.

Twenty year old boy, который бросил Нью-Йоркский университет и основал собственный хедж-фонд, stated that, what could I earn 5 million dollars. Julian Marquis founded Marchese Investments last year, while still a student, being in your dorm room. In September, The marquis ruled the sum of the order 1 million dollars pref

Хедж фонды — Evgenia Sluchak (Video)

Hedge Fund Marketing Specialist. Author over 30 publications in Russian, связанных с индустрией (Forbes Russia, SPEAR’s Magazine Russian Edition, Risk Management Magazine, Debt Expert Magazine, Securities Market Magazine и др.). Основатель профессионального сообщества Moscow Hedge Fund Managers Club (MHFMC). Разрабатывала Индекс российских хедж-фондов и Рейтинг российских хедж-фондов для журнала SPEAR’s. Вместе с партнерами организовала первую ежегодную премию для российских управляющих Russian Hedge Fund Industry Awards (RHFIA).

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