Are microcredits always given according to the passport??

Getting a loan in cash is the most demanded service from banks and banking organizations.. He helps many residents of our country to carry out significant plans for the acquisition of new goods and obtaining a number of services.. To receive a small sum of money from the bank today, there is no need for a complex process of processing a number of documents. Special agencies can issue small amounts based on only one document, certifying your identity. Usually, such a document is a passport. The passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation becomes the main proof of your identity, which allows employees of the organization to issue a loan. The loan is issued in one day, if you apply to that institution, where instant financing of individuals takes place. Many are surprised: how can companies take such risks, issuing loans to strangers with only one passport? In fact, this risk is fully justified.. He justifies, of course, high interest rates on the loan. However, you don't always have to pay their maximum percentage., так как чаще всего какой-то период погашения кредита будет

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