All this jazz

My market is strongly associated with jazz. For more «visibility», I want to suggest starting an audition and read more.

In jazz, usually, places where everything is melodic and downright replaced by some kind of noise, parse the melody in which it is not so easy. This noise is not always pleasant to the ear.. It's the same in the markets.

During the day I try to catch the melody of the market. In those moments, when everything becomes clear and pleasant — need to act. And when not really — just wait.

Yesterday, I fucked the whole melody and got into the noise. If you are listening to a song and at some point it starts to strain you — this is exactly when I made deals.


Началось всё с того, that it was not possible to enter where I wanted. On the breakdown of the initial state balance. While the script was struggling with requotes on an accelerated motion. Opened items on 8 below conceived. Accordingly, the stop was not at all where it should be. I closed down immediately. According to the rule, after this you need to catch your breath for an hour..

While resting, sadly looked at the signals in the long. And then he also shorted `` just like that '', hoping for a breakdown. About what, paid immediately. Serves me right.

I fixed the situation with the third trade.. Brought the day to zero (+0.83%)

Amazing, but for all the aggressiveness of the environment and the deranged state, I still do not merge!

By the way, today I managed to buy FOR EVERYTHING instead of, to sell. Stupidly clicked in the wrong place. Closed in a few seconds, in positive and pre-infarction state.

Most likely everything this week. I went for a walk and rest. Will be back, I'll write a little about my self-motivation.

Return to reality

Yes Yes. Back to trading on a real account. Today:

1. Firstly, I, as usual, did not get enough sleep and had already begun to lose adequacy by the time I approached the terminal. Opened the terminal, разрисовал, sold by hand. I must put a stop, а нечем (: Forgot to copy scripts from development to real. Copied, поставил стоп. The stop level turned out to be more than necessary.

While adding scripts to favorites accidentally bought (: Closed the purchase. Looked closely, I thought what the fuck did I start selling, and not to buy and why closed the purchase, but left the sale? While I was thinking, the stop was blown.

Some troubles, misunderstanding errors. The rules say: сделай паузу, прийди в себя. I waved signal number 2.

3. Entering short for breakout test. I so wanted the situation to be perfect (as in the point 2) that he was scared of the green candle and had already made a decision if he rolled back a little — cover position. So I did. Apparently in vain. What the hell was I afraid of? Stop stood, stop didn’t take off, nothing changed, but I jumped off.

4. Entering short for breakout test. Ideally, here I had to add to the previous entrance. But I just opened up. There was no further (maybe it was, but i didn't see) no pretty levels, so I never caught the moment for refilling. When came out, I have already relaxed. I already wrote a report in my mind and agitated what happened.

At this moment I was looking at signal number 5 and I was overwhelmed with contradictory feelings.. It was against opening up: усталость, already relaxed, converted to non-trade, against the rules (three trades are over). There was only a technical signal for the opening – rebound from levels (тот самый 1.37) besides, in the morning I drew a triangle, from which they went upstairs — for longs. I certainly did not open. About what, of course sorry.

An important point. At the first stop-loss, I practically did not worry about the minus. I was rather worried about, that I was not worried (: In short, no emotions about the minus — this is a great achievement! There was already a case on the second trade. But there I am myself to blame, that's why, I think it's acceptable.

Briefly speaking, today is done" (from the word deal):

Risk 3-5% on transactions at profit 20% I think it's okay.

Day summary +7.87% By the way, today is the 24th trading day from the day the account was opened. I mean, I traded for the 24th time. The first trade was 11 november 2009. Best result of the day 28.45%, worst -70.02%. The result so far 39.08%.

PS. We're still balancing, but the control point is already higher.

PPS. Спать хочу, eyes hurt. Kick-ass. ):

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