share repurchase

Buy back shares

Обратный выкуп или Бай-бэк, buyback (from English. buy back - buyback) — выкуп эмитентом собственных акций. In most cases, share buybacks by a company are considered to be an indicator of the company's surplus cash., however, it is often a forced measure, against the fall in the company's market value. В результате этой операции увеличивается чистая прибыль на акцию, что влечет за собой рост доверия к фирме среди инвесторов и позитивно сказывается на курсовых показателях. Обратный выкуп акций для их последующего аннулирования позволяет избежать размытия капитала предприятия вследствие эмиссии новых ценных бумаг. During periods of market decline, the number of companies increases, who announce the buyback of their shares. Share buybacks are fairly common. Nevertheless, трейдерское сообщество зачастую не осознает ценность подобных новостей и возможность их использования в процессе инвестирования или анализа.

Share buyback (buyback)

Corporate buybacks this year may reach their highest level since the start of the financial crisis, escalating debate over the wisdom of using hundreds of billions of dollars to temporarily improve quarterly results. Even if the total profit does not change, buybacks increase earnings per share (Earnings Per Share, EPS) by reducing the number of securities in circulation. The main focus of analysts and investors is not usually on the total profit margin., namely EPS. Buybacks criticized by some fund managers, including Larry Fink - CEO of Blackrock (активы под управлением 4,5 trillion dollars). In his opinion, some companies are too keen on buyouts and do nothing for long-term business prosperity. Politicians pay attention to the problem too. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called for more and more full disclosure of company operations. That being said, some activist investors see buybacks as a way to return money to investors..

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