How to get rid of burnout with simple exercises


We're burning out, when we stop believing in the effectiveness of our actions. But it can be dealt with.

How to recognize burnout

IN исследованияхCan a self-efficacy-based intervention decrease burnout,increase engagement, and enhance performance? выгорание определяется так: cynicism + feeling of alienation + утомление.

For example, you need to prepare a report for the conference. A cynical attitude can manifest itself in thoughts like "I can't perform well.". You will want to distance yourself from the problem and not look at your notes at all.. As a result, preparing for a performance will tire you very much., although you will do little in a day.

There are also such symptoms.:

  • Temporary, but a significant decrease in persistence. For example, you rehearsed your performance and made a reservation somewhere or forgot to say the most important thing. It upset you so much, that you gave up preparation for a few days.
  • Twisting yourself. You start to think: “What if I make the same stupid mistake at the conference?? What, if I bar all public speaking? What, если я всегда буду ошибаться в жизни и умру посредственностью

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