ipo Обзор «РуссНефти»: нефтегазовая компания не без проблем 1

RussNeft Review: oil and gas company not without problems

We continue the series of articles on the public assets of the Gutserievs. In the last article we reviewed the retailer "M-Video-Eldorado", and now consider the oil and gas company RussNeft. About RussNeft (MCX: RNFT) — a large oil and gas company, conducting geological exploration, oil and gas production, as well as their implementation.

Overview of "M.Video - Eldorado": large retailer of home appliances and electronics

With this article, we begin a series of materials about public companies, controlled by the Gutseriev family. In it, we will consider "M.Video - Eldorado" (MCX: MVID). About the company M.Video – Eldorado is one of the leaders in the Russian retail market in the field of household appliances, electronics and related services.

tesla вводит людей в заблуждение? Tesla вводит людей в заблуждение? 5

Tesla misleads people?

Two Democratic senators have asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the company's advertising of its autopilot technology and full autonomous driving., or FSD.

5 организации из России 5 организации из России, которые вырастают 5 лет попорядку 17

5 organizations from Russia, which grow 5 years in order

One of the more well-known long-term investment strategies in the securities market is investing in growth companies., whose performance exceeds the market average. A growing company is a business, demonstrating?? improvement of main characteristics over time.

Календарь финансиста: headhunter Календарь финансиста: HeadHunter, Ozon и МТС выпустят отчеты 19

Financier calendar: HeadHunter, Ozon and MTS will release reports

Company daily, we trade?? in the securities market, open business data: publish financial statements, hold meetings with journalists, introduce new products and say income from securities. We have collected all the principle actions of the coming week for those, who invests in securities.

Инвестиции. События недели (№2) Инвестиции. События недели (№2) 22

Investments. Events of the week (№2)

Hello! The stock market continues to rise, but my IIS portfolio is growing even faster. Previously, it was due to the shares of NKNK, then Raspadskaya, which stocks move the portfolio up this time? About this today in #diariesis like and enjoy reading! The world of investmentsThe world of investments I'll start with the main news of the week.

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