Features of LTD companies offshore UK

Особенности компаний LTD оффшора Великобритании Компании с ограниченной ответственностью (LTD) Is one of the two most common types of offshore businesses, established in the UK. One of their main advantages is the high international trust in the UK.. Company, created here, may be holding, номинальной, non-resident. No foreign exchange control. Организационные моменты По законодательству компании с ограниченной ответственностью оффшора Великобритании, with the prefix Ltd, may have at least one shareholder. Their managers and owners are not personally liable for the debts / obligations of the enterprise. Companies, registered in this jurisdiction, must have a director, secretary, registration agent and real office. The shareholder and director can be a legal entity or an individual, it can be nominal persons. Besides, the director can be a non-resident of the UK. For maximum efficiency, usually, LTD is used in tandem with a classic offshore company for the implementation of trade operations. Капитал и конфиденциальность LTD Минимальная сумма уставного капитала не ограничивается, recommended size - 1000 GBP, разделенный на 1000 Shares. Запрещено выпускать акции

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