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Updated a piece of the second dialogue in a previous post…I really like him… my style…  my religion…  very apt.”Если вы хотит


В общем я подумал… and decided to take more accounts under management)))All the same, “количества” also has its advantages. According to my calculations, это должно

About movement

I have motivation problems. Somehow I don't really need money. Not, well, it's cool there, by car, certainly, to ride, and not pushing in minibuses, etc.. But the truth is, what i can with pleasure, there is a noodle (not every day of course) and I do not strain at all from that, that my jeans are worn. Furthermore, I really like old clothes. She served me for a long time, and I am very reluctant to part with old shoes…

Undoubtedly, my family are those, for whom I am trying to achieve more. But misunderstanding and not a desire to understand (at least, not showing symptoms of a desire to understand) specifics of my occupation, to put it mildly, do not add motivation. А по факту, also counteract growth.

Improvement in results is directly related to prof. ростом. And it is almost impossible to develop without proper motivation..

Once I decided to try to go the other way. Two factors: increased sense of responsibility and understanding, that your own reputation is the only thing, spoiling which, no way back. So these two factors pushed me to, to make the diary public. And I started to cross-post him in LJ.

Despite the fact that, I'm a noob. I was made friends (and maybe even read) more than fifty traders. How will I present them in real life… it's a whole audience! Furthermore, there are those in the audience, whom I personally respect. Those, who did I read, when I still didn't know how to set stop-losses. And I feel a lot of responsibility, carrying your thoughts and considerations to the public.

I'm really uncomfortable, when I hit jambs and have to write about it. It seems to me, what did I fail, did not live up to expectations or just wasted someone's time.

I look at my trading background as a tuition fee. I consider my present a probationary period. And who I will be in the future - another nobody or a part of five percent - I will find out in a year.. But today I choose to be a professional. I'd rather salt the deposit at stop-losses, but i won't have, not a single accidental entry. Briefly speaking…

An important point. I declare. From now on, – no shit trades. Short rigid stop always available (already). Signal-only inputs. Market averaging only. Etc… In short, I will trade like this, as if I have a holiard of other people's money on the deposit. Maybe, this will grow my mini depot, and I will move on to serious work in the market.
Хочется верить, that one day, they will talk about this place: here is the diary of a professional trader, who recently was one of a million non-traders. On a brisk path. (;

Taking advantage of, случаем, thank everyone, who reads me and especially those, Who writes! You motivate me, thanks to you i try to be better!

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