Morning is not for traders

Statistics show: individual investors take excessive risk, trading stocks immediately after opening. Increasing volatility in the US stock market hit investors especially hard, who prefer to buy and sell stocks soon after the opening of trading. Обычно это время является самым опасным из всего дня — и не только на американском рынке Трейдеры и финансовые обозреватели говорят о склонности индивидуальных инвесторов к максимальной активности сразу после открытия рынка. At this time, the probability of getting the best price is lower, and her hesitation, usually, stronger (recall, the American stock market opens at 9:30 local time or at 16:30 in Moscow). However, within a few minutes, the gap between the selling price, known as Ask, and the purchase price, known as Bid, declines sharply. This process continues until the end of the trading session.. Large fluctuations in the stock market in recent weeks have only amplified the effect.