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TOP 10 – The most successful traders 2018 – 2019 of the year. Wall Street rankings

It was mainly those traders who were able to make money in a difficult year for investors., who relied on Wall Street mathematical models to make decisions take over computer geeks. In a difficult year for investors, when ordinary hedge fund managers lost money, elite traders, who trade based on mathematical models (such trading is called quantitative), stood out against the general background. More than half of the most successful traders and hedge fund managers in 2018 made decisions, using computer algorithms.

James Stewart – Gang of thieves from Wall Street – download in fb2, txt, epub, pdf or read online for free

A gang of Wall Street thieves – best-seller [ Pulitzer Prize winner James Stewart. The book describes the financial scandals of the 1980s, in which insider trading schemes were used. The book is based on real events, documents and trade information.

How blockchain threatens the financial market, and why Wall Street companies are developing this technology

In the end 2015 of the year, on the eve of new year holidays, CEO of online retailer Overstock.com Patrick Byrne, announced, that the US Securities and Exchange Commission approved his blockchain-based share issuance plan. Patrick Breen's statement became a sensation, and the financial world spoke openly about the possibilities of using blockchain in the industry. Technology cannot be called innovative: product, for which it was created - the bitcoin cryptocurrency - is known to the world from the end 2008 of the year. but, официальное разрешение на применение механизмов блокчейн на рынках ценных бумаг эксперты сочли переломным моментом в истории мирового финансового рынка.

Wall Street goes to Blockchain

Blockchain Technology Company, Factom , which creates interfaces built into existing financial systems, signed an agreement with the company – financial data provider, Intrinio, with the aim of translating the whole of Wall – street on blockchain Factom. Building robust financial applications The collaboration was created to, so that data for 3000 most valuable US assets, were published on the Factom blockchain every 15 minutes. Developed by Factom, after this step, they were far ahead of most of the institutions working within the blockchain industry. This statement is based on the fact, that they are using real data, what is valuable and relevant, since developers can use these data streams to implement smart contracts and early checks.

Workday on Wall Street

Workday Morning Wake up and immediately read the latest news on the Internet on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times и CNBC, view information from analysts. Flip through a hundred letters in the mail, pay attention to messages from investment banks. There is never enough time for everything - read the rest at work. Depending on the location of the office, someone does a morning run, but someone has to go to work right away, to make it through traffic jams.


1. Warren Buffett, guru investor, condition is assessed in $39 billion: “Price – this is what, what do you pay. The cost – this is what, что ты получаешь. Irrelevant, are we talking about stocks or socks, I prefer to buy a quality product at that moment, when he is underestimated”. 2. George Soros, состояние – $22 billion: “I'm rich just because, what do I know, when wrong. Simply put, I managed to survive thanks to my ability to admit my own mistakes”. 3. David Rubenstein, condition is assessed in $2,8 billion: “Persevere – don't choose “No” as an answer. If you are happy, sitting in one place and not taking risks, you will stay in the same place for the next 20 years”.

The best bonuses for fund workers on Wall Street

Жизнь “buyers” on Wall Street is much better, than “sellers”. Hedge fund employees have higher pay and shorter hours, than those of investment bankers. Besides, the funds do not have a mandatory dress code and offer such benefits and privileges (from three free meals a day to a vacation at the expense of a company in the Bahamas), you can only dream of.

Where is the bull on Wall Street

Wall Street photo of this rage-blinded bull, a bull ready to attack takes pride of place in the photo album of every US tourist who has visited New York. Bronze statue weighing in 3200 kg is in the Bowling Green Square, near the famous Manhattan Wall Street, therefore, the "Attacking Bull" is often called the "Bull on Wall Street". By the way, the connection between a furious bull - a popular symbol of New York, which a thousand tourists come to admire every day, and the street, which became a symbol of business tycoons, can be traced not only in the name and geographical location.

Share – Take over Wall Street (Occupy Wall Street )

Take over Wall Street (English. Occupy Wall Street) - a civil protest in the American city of New York, running from 17 September 2011 years to the present. The goal of the protesters is a prolonged seizure of Wall Street in the financial center of New York in order to draw public attention to the crimes of the financial elite and call for structural changes in the economy.. Some participants also protested against the death penalty of Troy Davis in Georgia. 21 September 2011 of the year.

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