Former Deutsche Bank trader sentenced to 7 годам

Former Deutsche Bank Hong Kong trader Ma Xing-Ji sentenced to 7 years in prison for taking bribes totaling 24,8 million Hong Kong dollars ($3,2 million), reports the news agency Bloomberg. Ma Xing-Ji in the period with 2007 on 2008 yy. provided data to interested parties for a fee. Along with this, the trader, fired from Deutsche Bank in 2012 G., must pay the bank a fine in the amount of the bribe received. The investigation established, that Ma Xing-Ji in the period from 2007 on 2008 yy. for a fee provided data to interested parties with information on trading transactions with derivatives. Former trader found guilty of 4 cases of receiving bribes. Ma Xing-Ji plans to appeal the court verdict, said the lawyer. Children of a former trader, accused of complicity, were acquitted.