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IPO of the service may become one of the largest among technology companies in recent years. Snapchat will list only non-voting shares for IPO for the first time in the history of the American exchange. Snapchat is a messenger, which works on iOS and Android. Its key function is to self-destruct sent messages.. Snap Inc, владелец мессенджера Snapchat, will try to attract during the initial public offering $3 billion. Как пишет The Financial Times, if the plans of the service owners come true, It will mean, that the company is valued at $25 billion, and the block of shares, owned by Evan Spiegel, 26-summer co-founder and CEO, is worth $ 5,5 billion. Also, in the event of a successful IPO, he will be paid a bonus in $750 million. Bobby Murphy, 28, has a similar stake in Snapchat., co-founder and chief technology officer.

Twitter: Инвесторы твиттера поспешили

On Friday, shares of a bankrupt Boston retailer, liquidated back in 2008 year, took off on 1800%, with less 1 cent per share to 15 cents due to confusion over Twitter's IPO announcement. Boston Tweeter shares traded under the symbol TWTRQ, but in Google Finance they appear as "TWTR Inc". Twitter announced, that their symbol would be TWTR, some investors rashly began to buy TWTRQ until FINRA stopped trading on Tweeter at about 684% growth "due to significant uncertainty".

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