TOP 10 – The most successful traders 2018 – 2019 of the year. Wall Street rankings

It was mainly those traders who were able to make money in a difficult year for investors., who relied on Wall Street mathematical models to make decisions take over computer geeks. In a difficult year for investors, when ordinary hedge fund managers lost money, elite traders, who trade based on mathematical models (such trading is called quantitative), stood out against the general background. More than half of the most successful traders and hedge fund managers in 2018 made decisions, using computer algorithms.

What is the word trade (treid, trade, trade-in, Trading, trading ) meaning ? – traders trading

The meaning of the word "Trade" in popular dictionaries and encyclopedias, examples of the use of the term in everyday life. – (from English. “to trade” – trade) trade, transactions, deal. trade trading trading trading TRADER — (English, trader - trader) 1) brokerage firm employee, directly involved in stock trading, executing orders for the purchase and sale of securities; 2) any legal or natural person, authorized to trade on the stock exchange; 3) dealer.

Layering ( layering )- strategy, which came under the ban of American regulators

High frequency trading, depending on the strategies used, has a different effect on the market condition. Some of them are draining liquidity from the market, other – add liquidity to the market. Many of them are the cause of sudden unexpected movements in market quotations., and also generate new borderline methods of unethical, and sometimes illegal income generation on stock exchanges. Such a controversial practice is the layering method. ( layering), the essence of which is to create the possibility of artificially shifting the quotations of purchases and sales of securities in order to force the rest of the exchange market participants to make a profitable deal for the manipulator.

TAKION – Trading platform

For experienced traders, who trade large volumes, the question of which trading platform to choose does not arise. All because, that there is great software for them – Takion (Takyon). The platform provides great opportunities to trade stocks over the Internet, applying any strategies. All this has to do with the fact, that the data transfer rate of this trading platform is very high. The Takion platform that you can download absolutely free is the best software for traders. Takion software development was originally intended for professional traders. Every experienced trader gains a wide range of opportunities when using the Takion trading platform. When customizing orders and creating layouts, the trader has maximum flexibility here..

How to calm down quickly for a trader: 7 scientifically proven ways to deal with emotions

Sniff lavender, wash the dishes and listen, how the waterfall makes noise. Psychologists say, that negative emotions cannot be constantly suppressed. Anger, insult, sadness is an important feeling, who deserve to be expressed. But sometimes my nerves fail at the wrong time.. In this case, the advice of scientists will help you quickly calm down..   1. Breathe deeply This is an old thing. But scientists did not understand for a long time, why deep breathing works. Only in 2017 was the study published in the journal Science The Effect of Diaphragmatic Breathing on Attention, Negative Affect and Stress in Healthy Adults, which dotted all the i.

Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Cryptocurrency Trading. Features and tricks

2017 the year was marked by exponential growth of the cryptocurrency market, whose dynamics amaze the imagination. Many in the past year were once again convinced that, that the profitability of investments in new assets is often more attractive than the results of investing in shares of even the most successful companies. The prospects for obtaining significant profit on invested funds attract more and more new participants to the cryptocurrency market, including famous players in the world of traditional finance.

What's going on in a trader's head. Psychology of gambling

If you believe the data of electrocorticography, the main emotion of the subjects, gamblers with a computer - regretting past mistakes Most generalized statements about life (for example, "Life is a river") empty. Nevertheless, apart among them is Pushkin's "What is our life? Игра!" - at least, from the point of view of a psychologist. The fact, what's in the mind of a person, unknown bettor, very fundamental cognitive processes take place in the simplest model form: decision making under data scarcity, desire to receive an award, assessment of possible losses, regretting wrong decisions and adjusting future strategies. That is why a gambling trader is a desirable object for neuropsychologists, and on this model, they will try out a variety of methods for studying brain activity.

10 best advice for investor and trader

1. Markets are cyclical Many newbies panic and quit crypto trading after the first market crash. Yes, it crashes periodically, but you shouldn't worry about this - as a result, it rises back every time. 2.Distinguish the trading style It is important to understand, that a trader buys an asset for a short time and sells it at a profit, and an investment is a long-term investment, designed to become a source of income in the future.

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