Who are hodlers?

Imagine, that you are on the plane and you have a choice – go left, to the cockpit or to the right, to the salon. There are many buttons and levers in the cockpit, control over the situation. But you need to learn aerobatics for many years.. Comfortable seats in the cabin, porthole, table for food or magazine.

News trading

Trading on the news is difficult to attribute to any type of trading.. This is not a technical trading method. – most indicators simply “break” at the time of price surges, with which news releases abound (from English. ease” – release), various candlestick patterns and patterns also do not shine with accuracy, because. depending on the bank's decision, or the report of the state. quotation services may fly away to 50-100, and in some cases more, points, in a few seconds! Maybe, everyone who wants to make money on Forex at least once asked himself: “The couple walked in a minute more, than the previous week. There must be some way to make money from this?!”. We hasten to please you – there are several ways! Truth, not all of them are simple, absolutely everything needs attention (one wrong mouse movement, and you will become the owner of a bonus of two or three hundred gray hair) and the most important thing – on the news, most of all, an ordinary trader has to compete not only with other traders, but also with investment banks, hedge funds and other financial institutions, whose capabilities, soft …

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The sad story of LTCM or why risk management is not like hard science?

  IN 1996 And 1997 years hedge fund, operated by Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) has had an outstanding record of success and has earned an unrivaled track record in financial risk management. However, in August 1998 years, Russia's default on its debts began a chain of unheard-of market movements, which became terrible for LTCM. Some people say, that the moral of this story is, that risk management in the fund was insufficient, although partners (participants) Foundations were experts in the field on Wall Street and had weight in academia.. In this article, the author offers a different interpretation of those events..

What books to choose for a trader?

For those, кто ищет более подробные книги, которые предлагают углубленный технический анализ, передовые стратегии и исчерпывающую информацию обо всех аспектах дневной торговли, вы можете обратиться к ряду книг.

HODL: keep bitcoin and earn

IN 2013 year on Bitcointalk there was a thread I AM HODLING. In it, the GameKyuubi trader explained, why didn’t sell bitcoins at the peak. There was a typo in the title: "I AM DEZHRU". Hodl has become synonymous with buy and hold. In the crypto community, hodlers are long-term investors., and investing itself is a hodlom.

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