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13 May, 2021 Ignat Terentyev Advisers 0 Click the button, to go through a step-by-step guide to «To the Gepard Advisor» and learn this tool in a few simple steps Learn »Advisor Cheetah There were legends about the Cheetah at one time. This advisor is long

trade-ideas signal types description in english

Name Description New high These signals indicate the print (deal) by higher (high) или низкой (low) price, than all other transactions of the day. The highs and lows are zeroed out (reset) once a day at the time set by the exchange. When the signal server registers a new high, he is looking for the last day, when the price was higher, than at the moment. He informs the day, When did it happen, and the high of that day, as a resistance level. For a new low, the server also marks the last time, when the price was below the current, and reports this value as a support level. note: it is a very simple model for identifying support and resistance levels. Some signals, listed below, use more sophisticated algorithms to find these parameters. Эти предупреждения связаны с фильтрами Position in Range. Use these filters, to make other types of signals sensitive to highs and lows. Other options, связанные с этими сигналами, перечислены ниже. New low New high ask Эти сигналы появляются каждый

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Successes and failures: my-trade, some, Robert Weinstein, Sol, Goodbye, Don Miller

Entering a position without a stop. Averaging. Еще одно. Yet. The depot sagged on 75%. First margin, the next day – second… Then – call from broker, который вежливо интересуется, не собираешься ли ты выйти из позиции, because the market will close in two minutes. Эх, memories… To learn from your mistakes – good deed, но жизнь коротка, всех ошибок можно и не успеть совершить, поэтому полезно обратиться к опыту других трейдров.

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Using Trailing Stop is not very practical if you are sitting in front of a PC, I will only use it if I leave the desktop, a couple of positive deals were thrown out on squeezes, although I used large stops. Offensive, but experience is more expensive

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