Free webinar on technical analysis from Anton Andreev

Want to learn how to successfully trade on the New York Stock Exchange? Then this webinar is for you.. During the webinar, you will be able to get acquainted with the experience of applying successful technical analysis in the stock market. Learn about the details, important points of application, use and interpretation!

The author of the webinar, Anton Andreev, will present at the lesson a model of his own design and teach listeners to find their own methods.. The lesson will be interesting as for beginners, так и профессионалам.

To consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained on the webinar, a practical part is provided., which will include analysis of charts and real transactions.

Webinar plan

  1. Candlestick charts and multiple patterns.
  2. Indicators and the specifics of their use.
  3. S index plot&P 500.
  4. Basic models, used by the author of the webinar.
  5. Правила торговли.
  6. Search for new models.


Вебинар проводит компания GT Capital Group.

Webinar host – Anton Andreev, trades on the stock exchange with 2005 of the year. Everything 7 years successfully closed in profits: from 92 months only 7 were closed at a loss. He trains traders within the prop-shop with 2006 of the year. Trained more 50 успешных трейдеров, who trade on their own or in large trading companies. Friends and maintains professional relationships with many traders in the USA, like Mike Bellafior, and some traders from the famous T3. Known in Runet under the nickname TraAnAn.

Для участия в вебинаре необходимо пройти предварительную регистрацию на сайте iLearney. Спешите, limited number of seats!

TraAnan Channel – Акция блогерам

We made a decision about, that we will provide bloggers with free access for a week.

Condition :

  1. Have your own blog related to the stock market
  2. Blog should be normal
  3. Register at
  4. Contact us via skype : traanan
  5. Place a mention of our project when we say
  6. Enjoy free access

Limitation: 5 human every week.
Write to skype first: traanan.

The first group will start on Monday. Better to register before Saturday.

P.S. Regular users can watch the recordings of the broadcast a couple of days after its release..

Individual training nyse, NASDAQ, amex

Ознакомится с моим Teaching

recruitment of a group of traders on the US stock exchange NYSE NASDAQ AMEX

I am glad to present the training program, created by me personally and conducted also by me personally.

Duration of the course 6 Months + 2-x summer support in the form of monthly analysis of trades and statistics.
The set is made once in 3 months. Количество мест ограничено – 10.
Training is carried out only online via skype and e-mail.
Course program and conditions can be requested by e-mail:

The program is based on my personal teaching materials.

The essence of the program: thanks to risk management, which will I control, the trader will not have a drawdown anymore 3000 долларов и на 5-6 a month should already start earning. The training is based on training in reading a briefing and reading a tape.. And many trading rules, and analysis of charts and much more, which allows me to earn no less 11 months of the year.
Also, the student will receive any video material for free., created by me during the training period.

Due to the high demand for training, this program has been developed in my group.. She worked in this form for about a year and showed the best result of all methods., conducted by me. Higher learning success 75%.

Первый открытый вебинар на тему «Дэйтрейдинг – как профессия».

Company ANG CAPITAL conducts the first free online seminar on the topic : «Дэйтрейдинг – как профессия».

The seminar will be led by :
Anton Andreev (Traanan) – Стаж торговли больше 6 years
Гаврилов Дмитрий (Good_trade) – Стаж торговли больше 3 years
Stavitsky Anton (Founder and owner of ANG Capital) Trade experience more 12 years
Balatsyr Egor (Managing Partner ANG Capital ) Trade experience more 7 years

Will take place 26 February(Суббота) in 15.00. Duration - 2 o'clock.

Themes :
1) What is day trading at ANG Capital.
2) What information resources do we use.
3) Basic strategies, used by traders of our company.
4) What makes our training program unique.
5)Answers on questions

To get to the seminar follow the link :

If you want to get to the next seminars write us an email to with the Topic : "Internet seminar" and we will contact you when the next .

Награждение “Финансовые блоги Рунета – 2010” (Many photos)

Ну что вот и закончился конкурс “Финансовые блоги Рунета – 2010” и все победители получили свои призы. Me and Anton( Traanan ) посетили награждение проходившее в Москве в клубе-ресторане «Тармплин» 16 December. По мне так заведение могли снять получше, nothing special, decided not to spend a lot of money on organizing the celebration. The people were full, but mostly it was the organizers themselves, it feels like they were doing the party for themselves.

The organizer of the competition was the RZB Media Group and the MICEX, so we didn't really expect to win in any nomination. Continue reading “Награждение “Финансовые блоги Рунета – 2010” (Many photos)”

Flew to Moscow to award blogs

The plane tickets were bought and in a couple of hours Anton and I ( traanan ) прилетим в Москву на награждении Конкурса «Финансовые блоги Рунета – 2010» . I hope it will be fun there and the organizers will not let you down, and the jury members will appreciate our blogs at their true worth and give some prizes. It will be interesting to chat with other bloggers live. Отчет о поездке будет завтра…

Карьера трейдера – миф или реальность?! (Traanan)

Many people ask more than once, how i became a trader. It's a very short story. Everything was simple, one fine day i woke up and realized, that I am a trader.
I studied at the institute for 3 курсе, I was engaged only in studies and at that time I passed the session only for fives. Я всегда был на ты с математикой, which helped me to better understand both economics and many other things. One day in winter 2005 I accidentally got into only, что открывшуюся фирму A&G world capital на ул. Mikhailov in St. Petersburg. I didn’t mean to work, and on business I went into their office and saw, what's the trader's office. As a result, after a while I went through training there and already in March of that year I sent an order for the first time. The first share, in which I planted with my eyes closed 100 market buy shares, was a stack of a Brazilian metallurgical company with the ticker RIO, now it's VALE. Я потерял 11 Doll., but the shock was so, as if I was told, that I am Harry Potter. Further about 6 the struggle with the market for a place in the sun lasted for months, he taught me and I did not forget to use the lessons learned (Далее….)