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A python trading robot from scratch. Algotrading

How to start algorithmic trading. Writing robots from scratch for trading. Training Python Trading Robot from Scratch. Algotrading : My first thought about trading came from 4 Faculty of Economics course, when I realized, what you need to have passive income. Started with bank deposits and mutual funds (mutual funds), then fate threw me into IT. I am very addicted to this, entered a technical university and set a goal to combine information technology and exchange trading, because it's interesting, promising and highly paid. I will talk about, where to start mastering algorithmic trading without experience in trading and programming. More precisely, it will be a series of articles broken down into stages with a detailed description of the learning process and recommendations.. The training program is suitable not only for beginners, but also for experienced programmers, because. it also involves the development of exchange trading. Also, it may be of interest to traders, who will acquire the necessary knowledge in programming. Each stage is structured like this, that it won't take a lot of time, maybe …

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Robot on the day of the blockage

Lucky robot today, I will not write anything about him in detail yet. Trades on a real account, via Sterling in the US stock market (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX). So far, only test tests for 100 Shares. Closed on the first move of the market fall. 3400 shares traded + 500Gross SPY for today:

Algotrading on the NYSE,Nasdaq,Amex,ETF – Stocksharp

From today all traders, traders on the American stock market NYSE,NASDAQ,AMEX , can get a connector to the Fusion platform for algorithmic trading completely free of charge using the developments of Stocksharp. StockSharp offers a comprehensive solution for automating the full cycle of algorithmic trading (analysis, testing, trade). StockSharp products are completely free for private traders. The company does not take an approach “black boxes” and provides access to the source codes.

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