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TAKION — Trading platform

For experienced traders, who trade large volumes, the question of which trading platform to choose does not arise. All because, that there is great software for them — Takion (Takyon). The platform provides great opportunities to trade stocks over the Internet, applying any strategies. All this has to do with the fact, that the data transfer rate of this trading platform is very high. The Takion platform that you can download absolutely free is the best software for traders. Takion software development was originally intended for professional traders. Every experienced trader gains a wide range of opportunities when using the Takion trading platform. When customizing orders and creating layouts, the trader has maximum flexibility here..

Terminal for Autochartist signals

Autochartist is a new development by programmers, also created for convenient and effective trading. Its feature is that, that the program automatically detects trends on the chart, their beginning and end, technical analysis channels and figures. Determines the degree of quality of the figures at the moments of entry and exit of transactions and is able to notify the appearance of such with a sound signal, which makes it possible not to be constantly near the monitor. Using this program, you can select the market. This is FOREX, INDEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX. And on each of them, Autochartist can notify the trader in advance of the opportunities, which have more potential. To select all the required data, you just need to go to the settings and select the required tool and the desired interval.

Free stock scanner Madscan (filter)

For a couple of hours my trade-ideas filters stopped working for the first time in a couple of years, I had to find a stock filter according to my criteria. In my chat, where a couple of hundred traders are sitting, they suggested the Madscan stock filter. There is a big plus that it can be used for free., as a spare for example. Almost everything I needed could be configured in it. I will not write a review on it and so it is clear, there are no links with charts. I didn't have time to dig deeper into it, set up everything you need and forgot :) If not working : To get MadScan to work, do the following: START => Control panel =>Language and regional standards =>Opposite the button «Settings» choose English (USA) The program is tailored for the Americans. (With) Svyatoslav

Tomorrow Earnings Program

Our trader wrote a good program to select stocks in Earnings. Saves a list of counting companies by day of the week to import into Blackwood Pro. Convenient in the season of reports. The program takes data from the page and saves it in .stk files. They can then be used from Blackwood (in Stock Sorter right-click -> Load from file)

blackwood pro и стопы на nasdaq Blackwood PRO и стопы на NASDAQ 7

Blackwood PRO and stops on NASDAQ

Unfortunately in the Blackwood PRO trading platform it is impossible to put stops on NASDAQ and ECN as usual, only in the price ALERTS menu. That's how simple you can put a stop, many don't know that.. Yellow backlight means, that stop activated Blue backlight means, that the stop worked

Новая версия blackwood pro ( ver. 4.5.08 ) Скачать Новая версия Blackwood PRO ( Ver. 4.5.08 ) Скачать 11

New version of Blackwood PRO ( Watch. 4.5.08 ) Download

By popular demand, I am posting a new version of the Blackwood PRO trading platform because. almost no one has updated it, and I've been using it for over a month. The main innovation in this version is its external design and the ability to link more than one window from one Market Maker.

interactive brokers — обзор американского брокера номер 1 (интерактив брокер ) Interactive brokers - обзор американского брокера номер 1 (интерактив брокер ) 13

Interactive brokers — American broker review number 1 (interactive broker )

I'd like to know who has any experience with Interactive Brokers. You are welcome, Share your experience on futures and stocks execution and how they are supported. Thank you About Interactive Brokers Broker Interactive Brokers - ECN Broker, company, based in 1977. The company is headquartered in the USA, regional offices are located in Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, Uk, australia, Hungary, Of Russia, India, China and Estonia. The broker is SEC accredited, FINRA, NYSE, FCA и IIROC.

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