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US stock market news - NYSE, NASDAQ on 23.06.2017

  ● American Airlines against deal with Qatar Airways. Just a few weeks after, how US President Donald Trump accused Qatar of terrorist financing, Qatar's flagship airline makes a surprise offer to acquire a large stake in American Airlines, Bloomberg reports. Qatar Airways Ltd. interested in acquiring about 10% American Airlines in the amount $808 million, US company says in a statement. ● Major US banks successfully passed new stress test. Investors await news next week on payments of key industry players to shareholders, reports CNBC. Test results, published Thursday by the Federal Reserve (FED), Show, what 34 systemically important US banks have sufficient capital, to withstand the two scenarios presented by the regulator, one of which is related to the financial crisis, and the other — with a lesser decline.

US stock market news - NYSE, NASDAQ on 21.06.2017

  ● Travis Kalanick, co-founder and CEO of network transportation company Uber, resigned as CEO under pressure from shareholders ● Mainland China's stock market should receive about $17-18 billion shortly thereafter, how Chinese stocks will be included in the calculation of the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, declared to MSCI Inc. Chinese stock markets on Wednesday rose to the highest level in a year and a half thanks to the MSCI decision taken the day before ● Bitcoin's share in the cryptocurrency market fell to 37%. As of Tuesday, 20 June, capitalization of eight out of ten first cryptocurrencies exceeds one billion dollars. According to Coinmarketcap, first place with an indicator in $42,9 billion is still occupied by bitcoin, however, Ethereum is breathing hot enough in his back - $34,7 billion.

US stock market news - NYSE, NASDAQ on 16.06.2017

  ● The Central Bank of Russia on Friday cut its key interest rate by 25 basis points to 9% ● US Federal Reserve System (FED) adheres to a plan to raise interest rates, despite low inflation. Therefore, investors are worried, that a possible Fed error would hamper economic growth ● The day after, how the US Federal Reserve raised interest rates, China has actually softened its monetary policy. This testifies, that Beijing is now more concerned about the stability of its financial system, not an outflow of capital from the country ● De Beers launched the largest diamond prospecting ship. Its length 113 m, and it will look for diamonds off the coast of Namibia

US stock market news - NYSE, NASDAQ on 14.06.2017

    ● Expected, that the US Federal Reserve (FED) on Wednesday will raise interest rates by 0,25 percentage point to 1-1,25% ● The Fed on Wednesday may reveal a plan to reduce assets on its balance sheet. Therefore, investors are interested in, how it can affect the financial market. Most analysts believe, that the effect will be small ● Amazon's small business lending business is challenging major US banks with its service called «Amazon Lending» Disbursement of cash loans from Amazon», which was launched in 2011 year, at the current time, has already issued loans to small businesses in America for more than 3 billion dollars. USA. And Amazon reportedly plans to expand its small business lending service even further in the US., The UK and Japan, and thus directly challenges the largest banks, which have historically dominated this market area. In the past year alone, this e-commerce giant has provided small businesses with over 1 billion dollars. USA …

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US stock market news - NYSE, NASDAQ on 13.06.2017

    72% companies in the United States are not making a profit., according to the fed, only 35% of small businesses are profitable. Most of them operate at a loss. That is, only 35% companies, which make up 80% American enterprises, make a profit. Colossal 72% American companies - no. Self-driving ships are preparing to conquer the seas. Autonomous electrically powered container ship, developed jointly by the Norwegian companies Yara and Kongsberg, will go to sea next year, company representatives said. Supposed, that all 2018 G. the ship will be operated in manned mode, and during 2019-2020 yy. it will be completely offline..

US stock market news — NYSE, NASDAQ on 12.06.2017

● The residents of Puerto Rico decided to join the USA. During the referendum for joining the United States as a state, the majority of Puerto Rican residents voted in favor. In total, approximately 500 thousand. Puerto Ricans, yet 7,6 thousand. advocated free association with the United States. 6,7 thousand. residents of the country did not want to change anything. At the moment, Puerto Rico is a territory, dependent on the United States, where is the power of the American Congress. At the same time, it is the Congress that will determine the status of Puerto Rico.

US stock market news - NYSE, NASDAQ on 08.06.2017

● Boeing Co streamlines aircraft production systems at its largest factory, trying to cut costs, to compete with Airbus and cut the deficit by about $30 billion due to Boeing-787 Dreamliner, writes Reuters. Boeing moves some of its production overseas. But the CEO of the company, Dennis Mühlenburg, in an interview with WSJ, claims, that it won't hit US jobs ● The Federal Reserve (FED) USA, As expected, will raise rates in June regardless of whether, what will the economic data be. At the same time, traders are losing faith in the rate hike in the second half of the year., writes ZeroHedge

US stock market news - NYSE, NASDAQ on 31.05.2017

● Bosch management assures, that problems with the supply of parts to the factories of the German automaker BMW have been eliminated. From today, the enterprises of the concern receive electric steering mechanisms without interruption.. ● The Federal Reserve fined Deutsche Bank $41 million for deficiencies in the fight against money laundering in banking operations in the United States. ● The dollar may strengthen by about 10% against the yen and the euro, since the Federal Reserve (FED) US to raise interest rates at least twice this year, forecasts Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

US stock market news - NYSE, NASDAQ on 04.05.2017

● US jobless claims fell more than expected ● Apple will invest $1 billion in job creation in the USA, said the head of the company Tim Cook in an interview with CNBC. The company plans to create an investment fund for the development of high-tech production in the United States. ● Tesla Increases Net Loss 40%. Tesla's Q1 loss increased to $330 million, despite more than doubling in revenue. Tesla CEO Elon Musk expressed confidence in, that the company will begin production of Model electric vehicles 3 in July. Also he said, that one day Tesla, maybe, will overtake Apple in market capitalization

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