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While the Top Financial Blogs are not working and are being tested, do not look at the design and wait for its opening 8-) P.S. Soon I will publish a post on how to pump on the NYSE exchange and how to correctly set stops in my opinion. What other topics would you like to see the material on ?

Site innovations

Soon the site will appear 2 section : MegaBlog Top Financial Blogs While They Are In Testing, but now you can take part in them. MegaBlog– – this is an amalgamation of posts from popular trading blogs . This section will allow you to track interesting topics and track popular trends in trading., understand what traders live. Already now you can leave a request in the comments to add your blog to the feed. Indicate your site address and in the near future I will add if it fits the criteria. Топ финансовых блогов аналог популярного топа stockportal’a с более жесткой модерацией, predominantly composed of active traders on various exchanges

Your Top Financial Blogs

I came here ideas to create your top financial blogs on the site, like stockportal”and . And then there are too many extra people, I would like more moderation. It is not difficult to create on the same engine, and organizing your RSS page with announcements of your posts is also not difficult.. Готовы ли вы свой сайт или ЖЖ добавить в такой ТОП ФИНАНСОВЫХ БЛОГОВ и нужно ли вообще это ?

Again in the ranking of financial blogs

Не знаю каким чудом меня вернули в рейтинг и даже медленно поднимаюсь там в топ, although I deleted all links to the rating and remained only in old posts. So I invite my readers to click on the link and raise me up again to the top spot.. Вернем то что по праву принадлежит мне :twisted: Top financial blogs

Reset my rating !!!

Later 6 months I took the FIRST place in the ranking of Top financial blogs and everything would be fine, BUT all my stats are ZERO !! I dont know, какие ко мне претензии, но опубликовав пост со ссылкой на блог, my counter went off scale there and it seemed suspicious, it turns out that my site's performance doesn't fall even on weekends. I am of course pleased to be in the first place, deservedly and honestly. There was an idea to make a mini flash mob and one day ask everyone to use it, to immediately come out on top again, но я подумал, that I don't need it. The most important thing is that a lot of people read me and it is useful for them, but from a place in the top I will not become richer. Удаляю баннер с сайта и выйду из этого рейтинга 8-) I would like to wind up the counter, давно бы был на месте , and not after half a year. В этом рейтинге видно пару человек кто накручивает, so …

Reset my rating !!! Read more

Ranked # 1 in Top Financial Blogs

On Friday accidentally noticed, that my blog is in the FIRST place in the Top Financial Blogs. Я особо не стремился на него и довольствовался 2 And 3. Думаю это больше заслуга fenixa, that his indicator dropped from 1 000 to 500. Конечно мне приятно видеть себя в Топе, but I would like more activity instead of a place of honor. Жду больше комментариев и обсуждений =) Top financial blogs

Top financial blogs

Top financial blogs reset blog statistics , I was there in 2nd place and I would like to return it. Так что переходим по ссылке и мне засчитываеться голос =) Top financial blogs

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