What traders live on

Москвич, stock trader, рассказал, how he earns and what he spends his high income on The Village continues to find out, how much people of different professions earn and spend. In the new issue, a stock trader told about his income and expenses. There are different participants in the securities market: фондовые биржи, trading systems, banks, brokerage and dealer companies, analytical agencies, as well as private traders. The profession of the latter is surrounded by romantic myths: их поддерживает реклама сервисов для работы с ценными бумагами и обучающих курсов, обещая огромную прибыль при минимальных усилиях. We learned from a private trader from Moscow, is it really so easy to make money in this area, почему он не считает слово «спекулянт» оскорбительным и на что тратит свой доход.