Apple Says Some IPhone X Units Have Faulty Touch Screens

Apple Inc. disclosed a pair of issues affecting two of its more popular products: the iPhone X and the 13-inch MacBook Pro. The Cupertino, California-based technology giant said Friday the screen on some iPhone X units doesn’t respond or responds intermittently when touched. The company also said some units could have displays that react even when they aren’t touched. The iPhone X went on sale last November and was discontinued when the iPhone XS and iPhone XR models were introduced in September. Users have reported the touch screen issues online for several months. Apple also said a “limited number” of 13-inch MacBook Pros have “an issue that may result in data loss and failure of the drive.” The laptops were sold from June 2017 to June 2018 with 128 gigabytes or 256 GB of storage and no Touch Bar, Apple said in a note to customers. The company recommends affected …

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The robot anneals

Today there were tests of the robot on the demo in various combinations of settings. The results are impressive. It will be better further. This is only for 100 began )))

Торгуем как снайпер Торгуем как снайпер 2

We trade like a sniper

Changing my trade a little since Monday. I will trade like a sniper, only targeted and competent transactions with minimal risk. Testing the table for increasing the position Pyramid is not possible, while it is necessary to recover morally and gain a profit.

Top financial blogs — Test mode

While the Top Financial Blogs are not working and are being tested, do not look at the design and wait for its opening 8-) P.S. Soon I will publish a post on how to pump on the NYSE exchange and how to correctly set stops in my opinion. What other topics would you like to see the material on ?

Site innovations

Soon the site will appear 2 section : MegaBlog Top Financial Blogs While They Are In Testing, but now you can take part in them. MegaBlog— — this is an amalgamation of posts from popular trading blogs . This section will allow you to track interesting topics and track popular trends in trading., understand what traders live. Already now you can leave a request in the comments to add your blog to the feed. Indicate your site address and in the near future I will add if it fits the criteria. Топ финансовых блогов аналог популярного топа stockportal’a с более жесткой модерацией, predominantly composed of active traders on various exchanges

Getting tested Pyramid

From that day begin to test your table to increase positions — pyramid. After week 2 otpishus the results. wordpress blogs 23st market november 11st position of day wordpress blogs trading technolgies keyboard trading

Начинаем тестировать Пирамидку Начинаем тестировать Пирамидку 5

We start testing the Pyramid

From this day on, I start testing my position increase table. — пирамидка. In weeks 2 отпишусь о результатах.

Emotion and trade

Are you overwhelmed by emotions?? Or, vice versa, almost nothing can make you mad? Some people are more likely to experience unattractive emotions, than others. It's part of our character. When you try to control your emotions during a trading session, very useful to know, how resistant you are to unpleasant emotional influences. Personal character traits develop over time and are relatively stable in different situations.. People differ in the degree of their predisposition to bear unpleasant emotions., such as sadness, fear, anger in different situations. Are you giving in to emotions too much?? Take a little test, Evaluating, each of the yes or no statements, applied to myself.

How to become more ambitious

Successful traders have a strong motivation to achieve their goals. Coaches and experienced traders have long noticed, that the best results in trading are achieved by those, who, relatively early in their life, set themselves the goal of achieving success. These are the people, persistent in achieving goals. It’s not easy to get them to give up their ideas.. They act on the edge of the possible, experience is accumulated, пока не достиг нут высочайшего уровня мастерства. In this process, they develop stone confidence.. They do it all, so quickly and independently, насколько это возможно. Если ваша цель дост ичь финансового успеха, it is in your best interest to show zeal to achieve the goal. Психологи изуча ли амбициозных людей десятилетиями. All these people she has in common. They work tirelessly, to achieve goals. They are open to new experiences, they constantly think about new ways to reach new heights. Однако наиболее интере сный аспект их личности заключается

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What is your risk tolerance??

Risk tolerance is a popular topic in the investment community. The greater your risk tolerance, the more her risky investments you can afford, not enduring stress. There are many ways, which allow you to determine risk tolerance. Usually assume, what's more, all the better. However, my work allowed me to single out a group of traders, who prefer safety. They relax while working and trade with the appropriate mental mood.. Это не хорошо и не плохо, it's just a trading style.

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