Tesla, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and sells electric vehicles, and also designs, produces, installs and sells products for the production and storage of solar energy. Company segments include automotive, energy production and storage. Automotive segment includes design, elaboration, production, sale and leasing of electric vehicles, as well as the sale of statutory loans for the automotive industry. The energy generation and storage segment includes design, production, installation, sale and rental of products for the production and storage of energy using solar energy, services, related to her products. The company's automotive products include Model 3, Model Y, Model S и Model X. Model 3 — four-door sedan. Model Y — SUV (SUV), built on the Model platform 3. Model S — four-door sedan. Model X — SUV. Energy storage products also include Powerwall and Powerpack.

Investments. Events of the week (№ 13)

instagram Инвестиции. События недели (№ 13) 10

Hello everyone! The past week is full of different events, which greatly influence the market and the investor's decisions. Let's analyze them today in the article. Stock Market News Stock Market News The week began with Tesla's stock crash on Monday on 5% after that, how Musk conducted a poll on Twitter about the sale of Tesla shares.

Investidea: BorgWarner, because it's darkest before dawn

Today we have a moderately speculative idea: take stock of the manufacturer of auto parts BorgWarner (NYSE: BWA), to capitalize on the rebound of these stocks after the recent fall. Growth potential and duration: 14% during 14 months excluding dividends.

Tesla Stock, Alibaba and Facebook are the most popular among Russian investors

St. Petersburg Stock Exchange summed up the results of trading in foreign shares in October. Here's how key operating numbers have changed since September: volume of transactions - $ 31 billion (+15,3%); number of client accounts - 16 million (+8,5%); number of unique clients - 11 million (+8,9%); number of active accounts - 845 thousand (+2,4%). In October, investors traded shares and depositary receipts of 1,626 foreign companies. Here are the most popular ones. Tesla. 21 October car company …

Tesla Stock, Alibaba and Facebook are the most popular among Russian investors Read more

Why funds stopped shorting Tesla?

акции Почему фонды перестали шортить Tesla? 17

Hedge funds changed their minds about Tesla stock in time and took advantage of the soar of the electric car maker . Fantastic Stock Rises According to Jefferies, hedge funds counted, that electric car maker shares were undervalued in August, despite the fact that paper was shorted back in July.

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