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Jake Bernstein

Jake Bernstein – a professional trader, an American analyst and author who uses his more than 40 years of practical experience in market analysis to verify the conflicting and controversial points of view, the formalization and building effective sales techniques. Jake Bernstein is one of the most popular and respected analysts of the stock and futures markets. He also has served as president of MBH Commodity Advisors, located in Vinnetka, Illinois and Network Press Inc in Skots Valley, California. Jake has written over 40 books on futures and stock markets, trading psychology and economic forecasting; introduced numerous methodologies for the analysis of futures markets, built on cycles and technical analysis, is the author of mailing for traders; conducts online training to help traders improve their skills and achieve success trade.

Predisposition to risk

What kind of work you do would prefer: the one on which a stable pay a small salary or the one whose salary is not high, but fragile? The answer to this question will allow you to define your preferences and risk tolerance. Most practitioners of short-term traders would not mind to abandon the security and stability in favor of higher wages. In comparison with conventional short-term trading jobs – a very risky proposition. Thus, if you do not learn to tolerate risk, you’ll feel too much excitement and anxiety during trading. Scientists have conducted a series of studies to determine the predisposition of people to take risks. People with a high level of risk tolerance is generally older and more educated. Investors who have received their money in the inheritance, or trading other peoples’ money, as well as those who have a profitable low or average, tend to avoid

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