Рынок акций США. 11 секторов в деталях Рынок акций США. 11 секторов в деталях 1

U.S. Equity Market. 11 sectors in detail

The U.S. market trades more than 4 thousand. Shares, more 2000 depositary receipts and 2200 Paper ETF. Within S&P 500 there are 11 Sectors. Each sector, in its turn, subdivided into industries. Why is knowledge of sectors useful? 1. Diversification.

Созданный на базе популярного шоу токен squid оказался скамом Созданный на базе популярного шоу токен SQUID оказался скамом 4

The SQUID token created on the basis of the popular show turned out to be a scam

After that, how the creators of the cryptocurrency project inspired by the popular Netflix show "Squid Game" left the project, SQUID token price dropped to almost zero Last week the Squid Game project instantly gained popularity, and the SQUID token for 3 days grew by more than 35 000%, although cautious investors initially pointed out grammatical and spelling errors in the white paper, and the site itself was registered less than a month ago. Now the official website of the project and its Medium account are not working, and Twitter temporarily restricted the Squid Game account, motivating this with an unusual activity in him. Many users say, that the developers of the SQUID token ran away with investors' money. According to BscScan, flagged as a fraudulent address got rid of SQUID tokens and acquired BNB for millions of dollars: During the day, the SQUID rate fell to 99,99% to $0,002541, and trading volumes increased by 130%, which indicates tremendous pressure from sellers. The token is available for trading only on decentralized platforms PancakeSwap …

The SQUID token created on the basis of the popular show turned out to be a scam Read more

Виды криптовалюты. Часть 2. Виды криптовалюты. Часть 2. 7

Types of cryptocurrency. Part 2.

In the previous part of the article, we talked about Bitcoin and altcoins. In this part, we will talk about the third type of cryptocurrency - tokens. Crypto tocs are usually designed to run an ecosystem, related to crypto technologies.

Что понятно о gram Павла Дурова -может быть Что понятно о Gram Павла Дурова -может быть, главной цифровой валюте 2021 года 10

What is clear about the Gram of Pavel Durov - maybe, main digital currency 2021 of the year

В декабре о намерениях Телеграм провести ICO написал бывший работник компании «Телеграф» (она связана с Телеграм) Антон Розенберг, которого за несколько месяцев ранее освободили от должности. В январе в сети возникла 20-страничная предварительная версия документа о цифровой валюте снутри Телеграм.

Единороги на фондовом рынке Единороги на фондовом рынке 15

Unicorns in the stock market

For young innovative companies, who have successfully approached the stage of IPO, enriching the investors who believed in them, the special term "unicorns" was coined - they were so rare. Термин «единорог» впервые был использован венчурным инвестором Эйлин Ли в 2013 G.

New IPOs this week

IPO, that don't pass my primary participation filter, now I will not analyze, I will save time. Let me remind you the filter: US company capitalization >$3Availability of proceeds Freedom Finance approved 3 more IPOs this week: RxSight (RXST)Capitalization: $447m Omega Therapeutics (OMGA)

zoom купит five9 за 15 миллиардов долларов Zoom купит Five9 за 15 миллиардов долларов 18

Zoom will buy Five9 for 15 billion dollars

Development of a video communication platform Zoom (Nasdaq: ZM) сообщил о приобретению поставщика пасмурных услуг Five9 (Nasdaq: FIVN) за 14,7 миллиардов долларов. Выход на новый рынок убыстрит длительный рост Zoom и поможет прирастить долю юридических лиц.

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