Trader's Desktop, do it yourself(10 Monitors)

For a long time I came up with a convenient, multi-monitor workstation. In life, you have to solve problems, programming related, testing, virtual machines and processing of rarely changed dynamic information. After the allocation of a separate apartment for a laboratory, decided to build a 10-monitor desktop, где все мониторы подключены к одному системному блоку и организуют одно единое рабочее пространство.Закупил в разных местах:1) Plain spacious office desk;2) Case for the system unit (need a big and quiet, under a large number of hard);3) Modern components: motherboard under 2011 socket, with the support 64 GB RAM (4-x channel mode) and with the ability to connect up to 12 hard drives, video cards, with the ability to connect up to 4 monitors to each (in total, without risers, three modern video cards fit into one system unit). Video cards must be passively cooled, silent power supply, современный процессор и т.д.4) Monitors (Total 10 things): in the middle - 2 monitor size 27 inches, lower (main workspace) high resolution and top, который будет

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