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Super Traders – Richie (part 6)

You can find the beginning of the story about super traders here: Super Traders (Introduction) Richie Outwardly, Richie just gives the impression of a trader with a perfect psycho- emotional balance. Communication is soft, pleasant, focused in work. Richie is a mathematician, and all his trading is tied to numbers and various calculations. Unlike, say, Harry, which the, In most cases, trades on instincts, Richie builds his strategies on statistical tables. This strategy mostly pays off when working with premarket orders., which are placed before the market opens and orders for which are executed on the very first trade. Personally, I always tried not to do anything first. 10-15 minutes immediately after the market opens: even with a pronounced trend in one direction, sharp chaotic movements of individual stocks in any direction are possible. For Richie, first half hour of the market – this is the most productive time, from which not a minute can be lost. С самого начала работы рынка он открывает множество позиций разных

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Super Traders – Harry (part 5)

You can find the beginning of the story about super traders here: Super Traders (Introduction) Harry Harry used to be called “a genius boy”, but sarcasm in these reviews was far. Harry – very successful trader. He is individual. That, what is Harry doing, almost no one else does, how does he do it, maybe, Harry doesn't know himself. Learning from Harry is useless. He can explain his actions, but not their essence and reasons. Often a trader can be judged, although very conditional, by the structure of the organization of information on his / her monitors. There is no order on Harry's monitors, the structure is completely absent. Nevertheless, Harry manages to follow more than seventy stocks and trade most of them.. Harry works in a very wide range of prices, often “sitting down” significant movement of the stock price against itself. But in most cases, he turns out to be right., prices come back and go in his direction. All this, but, does not say, that Harry is always right. …

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Super Traders – Kif (part 4)

You can find the beginning of the story about super traders here: Super Traders (Introduction) Kif ( MOC trader ) Super traders are not alike. Another example – Kif. Keefe doesn't do that, what is dave doing, maybe sometimes, certainly, but, mostly he has his own games. It works almost exclusively with Market Close Orders.. At the end of the trading day, situations arise in high volume stocks, when large buyers or sellers were unable to complete daily orders. Twenty minutes before market close, they, according to the rules of the exchange, place a public order to buy or sell large packages, which can be hundreds of thousands, or even millions of shares. This order is executed in the last seconds of the market and is included in the final exchange trades., often causing little additional movement towards the order. According to the rules, such orders go to news for specific promotions, and traders can see it.

Super Traders – Dave (part 3)

You can find the beginning of the story about super traders here: Super Traders (Introduction) Dave Here, say, the aforementioned Dave. Outwardly, the most ordinary, gives the impression of a phlegmatic neurasthenic. It doesn't mean anything. Dave – the largest trader, whom I met. He does not exchange for trifles, just doesn't do anything. On an active day, Dave can trade up to 1.5 million shares. Stocks are mostly expensive for traders., from 30 to 100 dollars apiece. That is, it turns out, that up to a hundred million dollars can go through one Dave in a day. So much for the turnover! It's more, than all Russian exchanges combined. Most productive day, which I saw with him, – he earned something like three hundred thousand dollars. Early in his career, Dave, after working for about a year, думал уходить из бизнеса. I didn’t understand anything, nothing worked, money was not earned, but were lost. However did not go away, understood, what does he need to do. Ещё через полгода

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Super Traders (part 2)

You can find the beginning of the story about super traders here: Super Traders (Introduction) Honestly, I have little idea, what else can a person do, worked as a trader for any length of time. Much like a drug. In the diversity and polarity of emotions and feelings, trading is close to extreme sports and fighting.. not without reason, Ancient Chinese treatises on the art of war are popular from the stock market literature. But that doesn't mean at all, what are traders in life, largely, people who are aggressive or physically strong. Not at all.. Shakes many with the wind, or sit quietly, because of the monitors, some ears stick out. Come, disassemble, what's going on there. But the market is closing, and it becomes clear, who is who. Of the other types of human activity, I would single out the following, roughly comparable to that, what a trader does: playing chess or cards (especially poker), tightrope walking over an abyss, peekaboo, attempts to prove to the whole world, what are you cool (or not an idiot), …

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Super Traders (Introduction)

Day trading with shares on the US stock market appeared relatively recently., somewhere in the mid 90s. Once the development of technology made it possible to install remote trading terminals, the first companies began to appear, offering their clients to try themselves on this, historically dotted with roses and thorns, cornfield. This was done in various forms., Certainly, not free at all. Some broker dealers, for example, offered remote access with account opening. Mostly, clients were provided with trading platforms, not for traders, а на инвесторов на длительный и средний срок. On the subject of opening and closing positions platforms worked slowly, but for investment speed and did not require. Opened an account, transferred money, – and forward. In this form, many companies operate to this day., and many of them are thriving.. There were other firms, offering more professional conditions directly in their trading floors. The situation in them was somewhat reminiscent of a casino.. The client comes, gives cash or personal check. Here's a computer for you – Come on! Lost money – let's have more. Not, …

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