Old trading strategy for trading on the NYSE

This is the old version. Одна из первых моих торговых стратегий, small sketches of trade.(успешная) Новая : NYSE Trading Strategy Main Entry Signals: Break of the previous day's high or low. The stock must break the low 1 day, better more 10 days low or high. There should be a trend on the daily chart and trade only in its direction. Drawing the bottom, in the form of a saucer, stock reversal . The promotion must pass at least 2-3$ from the opening and trading in the afternoon such signals. Centerfold, после сильного подъема акции и взрыва объема. Minimum 1$ должна вырасти и начинает в уровень упираться.

Superstitions, ritual

Superstitions, ritual I am not superstitious and I do not care about any figurines or signs. I have no pre-trade rituals, if I notice any such things behind me, I immediately catch myself thinking and never repeat them. I have no happy things or objects, these are all superstitions and I isolate myself as much as possible from this. My success depends only on me, and not from signs or things.

Trading strategy for trading on the NYSE,NASDAQ,AMEX (Draft, I will constantly finish writing)

  In the process of editing 21.10.2010 The essence of my trading strategy is simple, it is trading on the continuation of the trend or reversal of the stock within the day after a significant rise or fall. The main signals for the continuation of the trend: On the daily chart, the stock must rise or pass a key level. Most often, I trade stocks that are on an annual high or have passed some significant level for 100 days. I watch the levels on the day and 15 minute scale, there should be a clear trend

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