Стив Джобс

10% Apple shares were once sold for a pittance

Every self-respecting geek knows, что компанию Apple основали Стив Возняк иСтив Джобс. Actually the third co-founder of the company, went down in history as the world's biggest blockhead Ronald Wayne, один из отцов-основателей компании «Эппл» Чудака этого зовут Рональд Уэйн, him now 78 years, он живет в американском городе Парампе и зарабатывает на жизнь продажей старинных монет. Мистер Уэйн всю жизнь был изобретателем, on his account more 50 patents, but none of them brought him the desired wealth. IN 1976 Wozniak and Jobs persuaded Wayne to co-found Apple's up-and-coming corporation.. However, Ronald Wayne left the founders after 11 days after the creation of the company. He sold his share for only 800 Dollars, and then it seemed to him a very profitable deal - from the very first day Wayne did not believe in the future success of Yabloko. Experts have calculated: Wayne's mistake cost him 30 billion dollars, that is how much his share would be worth today. Момент вручения подарка Все же

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Steve Jobs died – brilliant inventor, changed the world

The death of the founder of the concern Apple Steve jobs was one of the main topics of comments in the German press. A genius passed away, Эдисон 20 столетия, a man who managed to combine capitalism and pop culture, newspapers write. 5 October 2011 Steve Jobs died at the age of 56 years. US President Barack Obama expressed condolences and called Jobs the embodiment of the spirit of American ingenuity.Russian President Dmitry Medvedev wrote on his Twitter "Such people, like Steve Jobs, changing our world. My sincere condolences to the family and everyone, who appreciated his intelligence and talent.". In the United States, upon learning of Jobs' death, crowds of Americans came to Apple stores in New York, Los Angeles and other cities. People brought flowers, put candles, left cards with condolences

Live stream iPhone presentation 5

American manufacturer of smartphones and tablet laptops Apple sent out invitations to journalists to an event on the occasion of the release of the new phone, to be held 4 October 2011. в Купертино, California. Reported by the Associated Press. Who will introduce the new product, пока не известно. Probably, it will be the new CEO of Apple Tim Cook - the successor of Steve Jobs. T. Cook was named Apple CEO last month, replacing the co-founder of the company S. Jobs, who has been treated for cancer for several years. Сам С.Джобс занял пост главы совета директоров. In the eyes of investors, the fate of Apple is inextricably linked with the name of S. Jobs and his talents, therefore, for the new head of the company, the presentation of the iPhone 5 will make a huge difference.

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