“Algorithmic trading is a way of life for such a person, who lives where and how he wants, does not look at the market, nor analysts "

We conclude our conversation with Maxim Zakharov - an algorithmic trading professional. The first is the lifestyle of a single stock exchange - you are a member of the algotrader club? - Not, i'm a loner. But we have a certain company, which used to periodically meet at Smartlab conferences, while they were.

TOP 10 – The most successful traders 2018 – 2019 of the year. Wall Street rankings

It was mainly those traders who were able to make money in a difficult year for investors., who relied on Wall Street mathematical models to make decisions take over computer geeks. In a difficult year for investors, when ordinary hedge fund managers lost money, elite traders, who trade based on mathematical models (such trading is called quantitative), stood out against the general background. More than half of the most successful traders and hedge fund managers in 2018 made decisions, using computer algorithms.

What are options - Call (Call) and Put (Put)?

There are two types of options on the market now – call (Call) and Put (Put). And it is with them that all transactions on the options market are made.. They are similar in their properties., but act exactly the opposite in relation to each other. Options were originally created for hedging, that is, minimizing losses from an asset price movement up or down. And this is where the main difference between Call and Put options lies..

A python trading robot from scratch. Algotrading

How to start algorithmic trading. Writing robots from scratch for trading. Training Python Trading Robot from Scratch. Algotrading : My first thought about trading came from 4 Faculty of Economics course, when I realized, what you need to have passive income. Started with bank deposits and mutual funds (mutual funds), then fate threw me into IT. I am very addicted to this, entered a technical university and set a goal to combine information technology and exchange trading, because it's interesting, promising and highly paid. I will talk about, where to start mastering algorithmic trading without experience in trading and programming. More precisely, it will be a series of articles broken down into stages with a detailed description of the learning process and recommendations.. The training program is suitable not only for beginners, but also for experienced programmers, because. it also involves the development of exchange trading. Also, it may be of interest to traders, who will acquire the necessary knowledge in programming. Each stage is structured like this, that it won't take a lot of time, maybe …

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Hello, dear friends! In previous articles, we examined in detail investments in company shares.. Attentive readers will remember, что тогда же я говорил о таком понятии как дивиденды. Отмечал, that not everyone pays them, но это неплохой источник дополнительного дохода. Today we'll talk in more detail about, how to get dividends on shares and we will understand all the subtleties related to this. Забегая наперед, I will note, that this type of income should be considered as an addition to profit, obtained by increasing the value of shares. Balance is important, pick up assets like this, so that the annual payment of "divas" does not lead to a slowdown in the growth of the company's securities. Otherwise, your profit will grow more slowly..  

IIS tax deduction 2021

What is a tax deduction for IIS 2021? Налоговый вычет — это льгота, которая позволяет вам исключить часть своих доходов за определенный год из налогооблагаемой базы, то есть освободить их от обложения НДФЛ по ставке 13%.

What's going on in a trader's head. Psychology of gambling

If you believe the data of electrocorticography, the main emotion of the subjects, gamblers with a computer - regretting past mistakes Most generalized statements about life (for example, "Life is a river") empty. Nevertheless, apart among them is Pushkin's "What is our life? Игра!" - at least, from the point of view of a psychologist. The fact, what's in the mind of a person, unknown bettor, very fundamental cognitive processes take place in the simplest model form: decision making under data scarcity, desire to receive an award, assessment of possible losses, regretting wrong decisions and adjusting future strategies. That is why a gambling trader is a desirable object for neuropsychologists, and on this model, they will try out a variety of methods for studying brain activity.

Why Russia is not punished for market manipulation

Unlike the USA in Russia 75% part, related to the use of inside information, do not end in courts and multimillion-dollar fines, but by prescriptions Another case of manipulation of financial instruments at the Moscow Exchange trades was revealed by the Bank of Russia or at least loudly announced about it. This time, under the gun of the Central Bank investigation was the company "Finam". On Tuesday, 27 august, regulator announced that, what in 2012-2016 years of structure, associated with "Finam", made many transactions on the market with UC Rusal shares, Polyus Gold and others. Deals, according to the Central Bank, made no economic sense, which means, were committed by prior agreement with the aim of market manipulation. As expected, Finam denies everything. Introduced into the law on combating the illegal use of insider information and with its loud statements, the Central Bank is trying to show, that is determined to combat market manipulation. But in 75% cases related to this case end only with an order to prevent similar violations in the future. Why?

Fundamentals of Risk Management in Cryptocurrency Trading

Types of risks There are risks in any financial transactions, there are quite a lot of varieties. For example: market risk - the risk of an unfavorable change in the value of an asset; credit risk - the risk of bankruptcy of the cryptocurrency issuer or failure to fulfill its payment obligations; liquidity risk - the risk of being unable to convert the entire position volume into fiduciary currency (or equivalents) at the best prices; operational risk - the risk of being unable to perform trading operations or deposit / withdrawal of assets. These and many other risks affect the operation and stability of financial markets and individual participants.. When a financial institution or corporation defaults, suffer losses from transactions in financial assets or in operating activities, this negatively affects the prices of the respective assets. Такое положение дел обычно идет вразрез с интересами стейкхолдеров.

Into the piggy bank for a crypto trader: Japanese candlesticks and patterns based on them

Anatomy of Japanese candles As you know, Japanese candlestick chart is very popular among traders in all markets. Let us recall again, what are Japanese candlesticks. Each candlestick on the chart reflects price movement during a specific timeframe. The body of the candlestick is formed by the opening and closing prices, and shadows are highs and lows. The upper shadow of the candlestick is a vertical line, showing the difference between the high and the close for a bullish candle and the difference between the high and the open for a bearish.

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