Ingeborg Mootts – A lonely pensioner

Ingeborg Mootts – almost a typical German pensioner. She is 83, she lives in the tiny town of Gisenyi, in a small apartment, furnished with old-fashioned furniture. In the refrigerator it is worth the juice of black currant, and on the walls hang yellowed photos of deceased relatives or rambling. A perfect portrait of the average German woman her age, if not one “but”. Mrs. Mootts – one of the most successful private speculators Germany. For eight years, a lone pensioner managed to earn on the stock exchange 500 thousand euros and is not going to stop there. Today it is very popular in Germany, although, of course, not as the legendary investor Warren Buffett in the U.S.. She wrote a book, lecturing, giving interviews and teaches seniors how to make money in the stock market. Continue reading “Ingeborg Mootts – A lonely pensioner”

In search of “secure” transactions

Would you entrust your retirement fund short-traders – lover of risky transactions? I think that most people answer this question would be negative. Of course, we would have preferred to risk aversion, rational thinking long-term fund manager than the stereotypical short-term speculator. Safe investments with low risk – this is what you need for most people who want to receive a pension in their old age. Many financial advisers advise their clients to avoid risky investment: “Do not look for high-risk investments, regardless of what the potential profits they promise to you. Investing should be dull affair – so believe most fund managers. Continue reading “In search of “secure” transactions”