Of course the American teacher for 10 000 $

Caring for the trader — a wise and timely to speculate, keeping losses small, be prepared to quickly reach and maximize profits by not staying too long in one place, that is, to the point where he will give more than a small percentage of what has already been received.

Alexander Elder

Alexander Elder — a professional speculator and expert on technical analysis. He was born in Leningrad and grew up in Estonia, where he graduated from Medical Faculty of Tartu University. Then he emigrated to the United States. After internships at clinics in New York, he enrolled in New York psychoanalytic institute. Then he opened a private clinic. Parallel Alexander Elder began working on the stock market and organized a company «Financial Trading», which became one of the leading U.S. firms for the preparation of stockbrokers. His findings and advice Alexander Elder is divided in the book «How to play and win at the stock exchange.

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