Volatility and its use in investments

Волатильность volatilnost i ee ispolzovanie v investicijah f5e68f2 Волатильность и ее использование в инвестициях 1

  Volatility is one of the most important indicators in investments, which speaks of the degree of variability in the price of an asset over a certain period of time.

December and being

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And the last strain of analytical thinking

It should be noted that the critics' opinion that the stock market is losing its attractiveness and investors, one by one, are leaving it forever.. If this trend continues — the market will get stuck in a corridor and over time the shares will be sold at fixed prices.


Too much responsibility lies in one-sided prediction. Gotta balance. Actually, though, may be so:

SP500 Index chart for tomorrow

Got a glimpse of tomorrow's WallStreet News — that's what I found there

The SEC Investigation Commission suspects the reasons for the increased activity of robots of the participants of the Russian Investment Championship, pulling all world markets with it.

Speculator's Hobby — Analytics

All right — tomorrow we will definitely open with a gap up and from there we will go down, otherwise it is somehow ugly and one-sided:

Yes and RSI, I'm sure, for a long time in the overbought zone :)

Clairvoyance by Tom Joseph

Here is the monthly schedule SP-500. All signs for the 5th wave down. The only clue may be a small PTI (Total 26), when it must be higher to confirm a high probability of a correct wave 33. Often, with so little PTI, the fifth waves are not completed until the end(failed waves) or appear as double tops and troughs. So that, there is a ghostly hope that the next round of the world crisis will choke halfway.


Everything is logical, just too fast

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