Who is the boss?

 That, what Soros managed to do with the Bank of England, everyone knows: will the Fed be able to do the same with Soros??
What goes around comes around.
With so much gold, you can find yourself without not 1 billion dollar Truth, in the personal portfolio of about 600 million dollars position.? Sharp rise in dollar. This is within the power of the Fed., or maybe the Bank of England gets its vindication.
How bloodthirsty I am, horror !!! :))

George Soros – The great speculator of his time

Soros earned $1 billion in 1992, by placing a bet against the pound sterling, forcing the UK government to remove the peg from the basket of European currencies. He was also the largest financial investor, participating in a failed attempt to resist the election for a second presidential term of George W. Bush. George Soros, at that time Gjord Schwartz, was born 12 august 1930 years in the city of Budapest in the family of Tivadar Schwartz and Erzebet Sutz. His father was a lawyer, a writer, founder of a literary magazine, and also held one of the key posts in the Jewish community of Budapest.

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