Snap: what the results of the first quarter say?

Snap's IPO valuation was $24 billion. But following the results of the following months, the company showed modest operating and financial results.. What to expect next? This March Snap, Inc. went public. Even though, that the company is still unprofitable, Snap's IPO is the largest U.S. tech company IPO since Facebook went public in 2012 year. Snap attracted $3,4 billion, while the company's valuation was $24 billion. The share price on the first day of trading on 44% exceeded the placement price, and the company's market capitalization was $28 billion. The Snapchat app was launched in 2011 year and was positioned as a messenger with disappearing messages. Founder and CEO Evan Spiegel called Snap a "camera company" in the first place («Camera Company»), despite the presence of many other functions of the social network and messenger.

Snap Interactive confused with Snapchat

Shares of a small startup Snap Interactive (не путать со Snap, Snapchat's parent company) have more than doubled in 4 days after, как Snap подал на IPO (не путать со Snap Interactive). На ситуацию обратило издание Bloomberg: probably, Snap Interactive investors, которое работает в сфере дейтингов, just confused two companies.

IPO Snapchat – Top news

IPO of the service may become one of the largest among technology companies in recent years. Snapchat will list only non-voting shares for IPO for the first time in the history of the American exchange. Snapchat is a messenger, which works on iOS and Android. Its key function is to self-destruct sent messages.. Snap Inc, владелец мессенджера Snapchat, will try to attract during the initial public offering $3 billion. Как пишет The Financial Times, if the plans of the service owners come true, It will mean, that the company is valued at $25 billion, and the block of shares, owned by Evan Spiegel, 26-summer co-founder and CEO, is worth $ 5,5 billion. Also, in the event of a successful IPO, he will be paid a bonus in $750 million. Bobby Murphy, 28, has a similar stake in Snapchat., co-founder and chief technology officer.


Jack Ma creator and CEO of the Alibaba Group was born in 1964 year in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, Hangzhou city. As a teenager, he gave tours to all interested tourists for free, thereby improving your knowledge of English. After graduating from university in 1988 year, Ma became an English teacher. His knowledge was so high., that he opened his own translation agency and started working with American companies, doing business in China. IN 1995, he went to the United States as an interpreter, where he contacted his Chinese friend, who at that time lived in Seattle. There he saw for the first time in his life a personal computer with access to the Internet.. Fascinated by what he saw, Ma asked his friend to help him create a website for a translation agency., after which almost immediately began to receive emails with offers of cooperation.

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