Swipe orders in the Takion trading platform

I've been testing SWIPE orders on the Takion trading platform for a couple of days. They belong to the modified type of orders and are executed in different ways.. Beginners don't think they need it, but for a trader with positions of several thousand I think they will come in handy in their arsenal. They are among the best for removing liquidity in terms of quality, speed / price.. You won't get rebates on them., but get good positions, at reasonable prices. And so let's take a look at them : SWIP — it automatically sweeps away everything in its path almost like a market, passing as I understood hidden orders if they are not placed, but are in standby mode. DEATH- I liked this type of order, it takes into account the possibility of finding hidden orders somewhere along the way, he passes a cent for a cent, until it is convinced that there are no hidden orders at this price. SPDR — my favorite now. He's like a deferred limiter, но не светится ни где и выжидает лимитные ордера по заданной цене и ударяет в

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