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13 May, 2021 Ignat Terentyev Advisers 0 Click the button, to go through a step-by-step guide to «To the Gepard Advisor» and learn this tool in a few simple steps Learn »Advisor Cheetah There were legends about the Cheetah at one time. This advisor is long

How to file a tax return for dividends on US stocks traded on the SPB exchange?

What taxes will you have to pay, investing in American stocks with investment income, включая вложения в иностранные бумаги, usually, have to pay taxes. Сколько теряют на налогах инвесторы-физические лица из России, играющие на американских бумагах через российских брокеров? Доход от инвестиций в ценные бумаги обычно складывается из двух составляющих — доход от операций и фиксированный доход (Dividends). The order of their taxation is different.

Refund Chargeback | How to get money back on chargeback

Chargeback is a procedure for protesting a payment, made from a bank card. Simply put - the ability to return your payment. From English, "Chargeback" is literally translated: "Chargeback". Material The service for challenging transactions is called "chargeback". You can dispute an erroneous write-off or operation, which the client refused. The contract with any bank specifies the terms, during which you need to contact the bank, to challenge the operation. Most often, this period is no more than 60 days are 30 days from the date of discharge, which reflected the operation. If you contact the bank through 61 a day or more, then the chargeback can be refused.

Algo stock quotes for trader and investor: where to find and how to download? Free

Many were upset, when Yahoo.Finance closed all loopholes to get free stock quotes not too long ago, but to everyone's happiness, there are already alternatives to free data where you can find them. This time we will download a free daily history from the IEX exchange for ~ 8 thousand US assets in about ~ 2 minutes. Will help us with this Python 2.7. And Roman Shchegolikhin will tell. Inquiring minds on the exchange website can find free tick history for previous ones 10 months in pcap format (tcpdump).

TAKION – Trading platform

For experienced traders, who trade large volumes, the question of which trading platform to choose does not arise. All because, that there is great software for them – Takion (Takyon). The platform provides great opportunities to trade stocks over the Internet, applying any strategies. All this has to do with the fact, that the data transfer rate of this trading platform is very high. The Takion platform that you can download absolutely free is the best software for traders. Takion software development was originally intended for professional traders. Every experienced trader gains a wide range of opportunities when using the Takion trading platform. When customizing orders and creating layouts, the trader has maximum flexibility here..

IIS tax deduction 2021

What is a tax deduction for IIS 2021? Налоговый вычет — это льгота, которая позволяет вам исключить часть своих доходов за определенный год из налогооблагаемой базы, то есть освободить их от обложения НДФЛ по ставке 13%.

New Tax Requirements for Foreign Accounts

Недавно мне пришло письмо из ИФНС с требованием предоставить пояснения и подтверждающие документы к отчету о движении денежных средств по зарубежным счетам. В письме приводится фрагмент ч.7 ст.12 Закона №173-ФЗ, which states, that residents are required to provide reports with supporting bank documents.

Popular trading robots, bots for trading on the cryptocurrency exchange

How cryptobots work? Each bot is a set of indicators and parameters, which automatically conduct a transaction on the exchange (or semi-automatically: with operator confirmation), when a buy or sell signal is determined. Most of the time, the bot is tuned to a specific market and time period, to make the results more predictable. This is not magic, which makes only good deals and brings 146%. Average profitability for 1-2% in a day, given the volatility and strong impact of news on exchanges.

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