How to develop willpower

One of the most important things about GTD is willpower.. Without it, you will not bring things to completion., any system you choose will not work. The first bout of laziness will not allow you to look at the to-do list.. GTD, todo list, kanban board is all tools. We read a lot about them., learning to use them, even programming. Only the most important tool, who is always with us, это сила воли.До не давнего времени я не понимал, how willpower works, didn't know, at what point in time will my composure leave me. One book changed it. I recommend every IT specialist to read it., especially for freelancers. We, usually, weak external control, so you only have to rely on the internal. That is why it is so important to set it up.. Why I recommend this particular book as a guide under the cut. Book title and links at the end of the article