NYSE and NASDAQ agree on mutual assistance

Bloomberg and WSJ report, что по требованию регулирующих органов крупнейшие биржевые площадки NYSE и NASDAQ объединили усилия для того чтобы сделать биржевой рынок как можно более устойчивым. At this stage, two options are being discussed. Option one is duplication of systems for each other by exchanges, which consolidate quotes. Суть заключается в том, what if one of the trading platforms fails, then the quotes of the securities traded on it will be available to market participants on another exchange. The second option provides for the participation of Depositary Truast & Clearing to manage duplication system. Между торговыми платформами Соединенных Штатов в последние годы нарастает сильная конкуренция. There are now more 50 platforms. but, all traded American companies are represented on the platforms, run by NASDAQ or NYSE, therefore, due to failures on these exchanges, the entire market suffers. Robert Greifeld, CEO of NASDAQ Exchange, States, that the root of the disruption on his marketplace lies in the fragmentation of the market, which appeared after the appearance 50 trading platforms and 13 торговых площадок. Во времена «монопольного

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