Warm up before trading

Do you usually prepare for the upcoming session, mentally setting yourself up for trading, or you just sit down and trade? All professional athletes and those who are simply seriously interested in a particular sport must warm up before playing or performing.. This includes practicing techniques, conversations with teammates, run, stretching, analysis of the strategy, etc.. For most traders, the warm-up consists only in the process of starting the computer.. In general, traders do not understand the importance of such warm-ups at all.. It's not their fault, as usually in the trading literature, this is practically not paid attention to. Если вы хотите получить преимущество над ленивыми трейдерами, who don't take trading seriously, a warm-up will be a good start for this.

Superstitions, ritual

Superstitions, ritual I am not superstitious and I do not care about any figurines or signs. I have no pre-trade rituals, if I notice any such things behind me, I immediately catch myself thinking and never repeat them. I have no happy things or objects, these are all superstitions and I isolate myself as much as possible from this. My success depends only on me, and not from signs or things.

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