Итоги Крипторынок 2018 года : самые важные события уходящего года Итоги Крипторынок 2018 года : самые важные события уходящего года 1

Results of the Cryptomarket 2018 of the year : the most important events of the outgoing year

2018 the year has become difficult for the cryptocurrency market. Cost records, sharp corrections, temporary market stabilization — it all made both critics, and adherents of cryptocurrencies with interest to watch what is happening. What happened on the market in 2018? Banks against cryptocurrencies Already at the beginning 2018 years, traditional financial institutions began to limit the opportunities for market participants. Many banks from different countries began to refuse to service the accounts of cryptocurrency companies. Moreover, Visa payment system stopped serving large European cryptocurrency companies. Ordinary customers of many banks have lost the ability to buy digital assets using payment cards. Such a ban was introduced by the largest banks from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

What's there crypto?

Yes, I did the operation, was not up to crypto truth in recent months everything has merged down very noble, what aether (ETH), what ripple (XRP), that bitcoin (BTC). Anyway, the entire cryptocurrency market is experiencing a notable fall this year (correction?), but it's not over yet. Can, sure, try to figure it out, why is this happening, but with my knowledge of cryptocurrency, I can hardly generate anything reasonable. But I can tell you how I look at cryptocurrencies. For me, a cyberpunk fan and a hacker in general in life (let's laugh here together), it's like a piece of a dream, such a kind of revolution and freedom. Think how cool it would be to pay with cryptocurrency for food, maybe not bypassing the entire financial system, because. the store still needs to report to the state in the form of taxes, but everything is virtual, transparent, without intermediate financial institutions. After all, this can lead to a greater spread of small businesses., and not tied to the entire current bureaucracy. Here's a simple example: you walk down the street and buy coffee from a dude or flowers from a gardener, …

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