Intuition will allow traders to fight the machines

Traders with more developed intuitive thinking make more money and stay in the profession longer than others, says a scientific study. As reported by Reuters, according to the efficient market hypothesis (EMH) all market participants have equal access to historical data on market prices, publicly available information and private information. In this way, ни один из участников рынка не имеет преимущества перед другими в принятии инвестиционных решений.

Analytics Reuters vs Bloomberg

What informers are based on? How the system works, and why i think, that she is revolutionary? Information terminals are more correctly considered in terms of the degree of expansion of existing capabilities., and in terms of improving performance, efficiency and cost optimization. Used Bloomberg for a while, so there is something to compare. I'll try to tell you my experience with two systems and I'm sure, what will be interesting to many, because. not so many people at the professional level have experience with two systems and are ready to openly share it. To make the structure of the story clear, то выделю четыре аспекта Полнота информационного охвата. Ease of access, aggregation and data processing. Data visualization and interpretation tools. Data collection and loading automation tools.

Yandex made an official statement about the IPO at the end of May

The management of "Yandex" announced that, that at the end of May will place the company's shares on the American stock exchange NASDAQ. The application required for this has already been submitted to the US Securities Commission. Yandex begins pre-marketing of its IPO early next week, as reported by Reuters, citing three sources in the financial market.

Lehman Brothers Holdings wants to get with JPMorgan $5 billion.

Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc (LEHMQ) and a group of creditors, unsecured, filed a claim for the amount, превышающую $5 billion. v. JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM), accusing the bank of divesting vital assets, accelerated the bankruptcy of Lehman, informs 26 May Reuters. In the claim, filed in Manhattan bankruptcy court, истцы обвинили JPMorgan в изъятии миллиардов долларов обеспечения непосредственно перед банкротством Lehman под угрозой лишить Lehman клиринговых услуг, necessary for the brokerage business. “Приставив к голове Lehman этот финансовый пистолет, JPMorgan добился от Lehman односторонних соглашений буквально в одночасье, – the lawsuit says. – Эти миллиарды долларов обеспечения по праву принадлежат Lehman и его кредиторам”. The claimants want to receive $5 billion, registered as collateral immediately before bankruptcy, plus interest and other compensation. (With)

ThinkOrSwim (TOS) – Description

Thinkorswim – innovative trading platform with advanced functionality. News stream from Reuters, access to trading volumes, community of traders, scanner of financial instruments in the stock market, financial television, trading emulator, extended charts, trading strategies, volatility analysis – all these functions provide extensive opportunities for successful trading. Thinkorswim not only provides access to quotes, charts, optional, scanners, but also does it absolutely free! You should now be able to explore sectors, study option pricing, trade all listed stocks on the NYSE, NASDAQ и AMEX. The program is very simple and convenient. Contains a lot of useful features for active traders. registration : Download :

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