Как получить доход на долголетии: restorbio Как получить доход на долголетии: resTORbio 1

How to get income for longevity: RESTORATION

Have a lovely week for you! Stepmother went on a crime against Snow White, to keep the title of the Most Beautiful in the Kingdom, and what are pharmaceutical companies ready to go for?? Fight Against Aging Is Claimed On The Home Page, but is it? PRO: RESTORBIO (TORC) look analogue of rapamycin in all directions and are currently focusing on Parkinson's. The Chinese also made a conclusion, what rapamycin helps mice for Parkinson's Manager from Novartis, Novartis gave them a license. They fell into 7 once and did not give up. They have a union, and new people come from Novartis Rapamycin is an extremely powerful product and has overcome the species barrier of lifespan in mice. Rapamycin extended the highest lifespan of old mice from 16 up to twenty five percent. This is the best outcome in the world for pharmaceuticals It is the leading researchers of rapamycin in the private sector.There are works and trials in a clinical setting from the Rapamycin Academy give and for the old to protect against Covid-19 Research in a clinical setting (KI) pharmacokinetics are conducted once …

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