Old trading strategy for trading on the NYSE

This is the old version. Одна из первых моих торговых стратегий, small sketches of trade.(успешная) Новая : NYSE Trading Strategy Main Entry Signals: Break of the previous day's high or low. The stock must break the low 1 day, better more 10 days low or high. There should be a trend on the daily chart and trade only in its direction. Drawing the bottom, in the form of a saucer, stock reversal . The promotion must pass at least 2-3$ from the opening and trading in the afternoon such signals. Centerfold, после сильного подъема акции и взрыва объема. Minimum 1$ должна вырасти и начинает в уровень упираться.

Online Research with my group

Started doing Online Research with my group, we select stocks for trading and write our ideas on the market. While the crude version, the tables will need to be improved, but it's better than nothing. Those who wish to take a look can follow the link : Closed now :)

Using DEMO for Research

Many have already seen, that for Research and trade I use the trade-ideas program, but many are sorry to pay money for it. In DEMO mode, signals lag behind 20 minutes, but for selection before the trading session, it is well suited. You can view all the stocks for which she gave signals yesterday. I already wrote my filter settings HERE First, install the program, by downloading it from In the login and password we write DEMO Then FILE -> NEW Alert window

Research на 01 December

Hello, my friends! The day was not the most beautiful – the market was trading in a chaotic and multidirectional manner. There were very few trending and net stocks. Day summary: Dow +0.34%, Nasdaq +0.29%, S&P-500 +0.38%.

I had no intraday trading: leaving from Friday the ILMN shorts from level 28.93, I fixed + 85 ¢ profit in the first minutes of trading, […]

Survey: what is interesting / useful for you in my research?

When I am preparing for the upcoming session, i use a lot of data, I read a lot of news, reports, upgrades or downgrades of companies' ratings, looking at the economic calendar, I look through hundreds of stock charts and select companies on the list…. Materials (edit), which I post in the daily research blog – only the bulk of that, What am I doing. In order to: and) optimize […]

Research на 4 november

Hello, товарищи. The bourgeois market battered many yesterday – was nervous and vague. In light of the multidirectional news, investors could not decide on the direction, the market was in chaos and confusion… Day summary: Dow -0.18%, Nasdaq +0.40%, S&P-500 +0.24%.

My total for the day + 4 ¢, and only thanks to discipline and endurance, though, […]

Trading Strategy (Draft, will always append)

Major signals at the input: Puncture hai or low the previous day. The action must penetrate at least 1 day, more than 10 days of low or high. Must be a trend on the daily chart and trade only in his direction. The figure of the bottom, in the form of the saucer, turn the action. The action must take at least $ 2.3 with the opening of trading with, and after dinner such signals. Reversal, after a strong rise of the action and the explosion of volume. Minimum 1 $ must grow, and begins to level jib. Money management If 3 days in minus 4 day do not trade. If the transaction minus 3.4, rest for some time (min. 30 minutes) More than 5 deals with the results, resting for some time (min. 30 minutes) Delu limit losses intradeevsky: 60% of the limit can lose up to 12:00 40% …

Trading Strategy (Draft, will always append) Read more

Trading strategy for trading on the NYSE,NASDAQ,AMEX (Draft, I will constantly finish writing)

  In the process of editing 21.10.2010 The essence of my trading strategy is simple, it is trading on the continuation of the trend or reversal of the stock within the day after a significant rise or fall. The main signals for the continuation of the trend: On the daily chart, the stock must rise or pass a key level. Most often, I trade stocks that are on an annual high or have passed some significant level for 100 days. I watch the levels on the day and 15 minute scale, there should be a clear trend

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