reporting season

Return the volume

Before reporting season is about a month and slowly increase the amount of necessary items. Go to a good level when the market will give a lot of chances to earn money. Buy-to continue the progressive actions in several parts. I’m curious as you are typing position, immediately take the maximum or try to download the original parts and reduce the risks?

Discipline – how not to go into limit

I have already described a system of double limits on the day, it’s very hard not to go into teaching for the second time limit and stop. At first, this is a very good technique, but when you’re trading for a long time and follow all the rules pass a day reporting season is not very good for your wallet. That’s why I came up with an alternative: You have the same limit on day 2 First conditional, if you go for it then do not trade today If you go for a second, then the next day, you reduce your average position and limit the daily double and so every day if you went for it. If the day closes with a reduced limit of normal plus you return it back to the original It seems simple, can you have any additions you??

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