How to become more ambitious

Successful traders have a strong motivation to achieve goals. Kouchery and experienced traders have long noticed that the best results in the trade are making those relatively early in his life set a goal to succeed. These are people who have persistence in achieving goals. They are not easily give up their ideas. They operate on the verge of the possible, accumulate experience, until they reach the highest level of skill. In this process it produces a stone with confidence. They do all this so quickly and independently as possible. If your goal is to achieve financial success, it is in your best interest to show the zeal to achieve the goal. Continue reading “How to become more ambitious”

Does the past to the future?

Trading in the real world often requires that you are focused on getting immediate experience to a greater extent than their past mistakes. Did you suffer losses, one after the other or you just tortured fears about the past? The following short quiz will help you understand the answer to this question.

To what extent do you agree with each of the more opinions?

If you completely disagree with this or any other matter for discussion, then write yourself 1 point if you simply do not agree with statements, note 2 points. If you generally agree, write yourself 3 points. If you fully agree record 4 points. Now define its position on the following judgments: Continue reading “Does the past to the future?”

Motivational Quotes

Success can often be a matter of following the principles of human nature. At heart people are often optimistic, but trouble can easily break their moral balance. In such cases, more important than ever to use intelligent strategies for recuperation and proper motivation. An effective way to achieve this – to collect a set of motivational quotes.

I scanned several electronic resources and collected a set of quotations, which are common with the trading, although it does not directly relate to. You can choose several books on the psychology of trading and to read the thoughtful advice of trade guru, but also a very good idea would be to analyze what they say about life, experts in other fields of human activity. People can achieve success in various fields, success is a success regardless of what you seek. Continue reading “Motivational Quotes”

Easy come, easy gone

Although economists are guided behavioral approach, consider how a sense of regret, which is annoying from time to time by all traders, psychological studies show that some people are more inclined to feel that feeling, as compared to other people. All traders are experiencing grief after the wrong trading decision, which could have been avoided, but some players blamed themselves regardless of circumstances. Once such players will miss a large market movement or receive more “product”, they begin to analyze their actions and blame themselves that they have committed. They want to go back in time, to do everything differently, they can not stop, calculating what they did wrong. Continue reading “Easy come, easy gone”